Friday, 6 December 2013


Sorting the workroom has had exactly the effect I'd hoped. Suddenly it's the place I most want to be.

Every spare moment I find myself wandering in, sitting down to look out the window, shuffle some piles or continue the work of finding a proper home for everything.

I've worked through the pile of mending. My mind is bursting with projects long languishing on the back burner and everyone will be getting hand sewn Christmas gifts. I'm ripping through a pile of new clothes for me - all part of a major linen jag while I dream of the yet to come summer.

Space and motion. I know it is true, but still I'm amazed at how deeply I'm affected by state of the room, how closely my creativity and motivation are tied to the place of work.

All of which is to say note to future self, clean your shit up when you are feeling uninspired. Nothing more complicated than that.



sofen said...

I love the way you have sorted your work room! I have a work room to, but I can not work there, there are piles of boxes that once was kind of sorted, but not so much anymore. I would LOVE to see a list of your sorting boxes, that would help me start my sorting process :) Greetings from a very cold and at the moment very snowy Norway.

Ren said...

Gorgeous sorting! Where did you get that little table thing that connects to your machine? I've been looking for something like that.

sooz said...

Ren, the sewing machine is on a horn sewing cabinet

They have been around forever and are really great if you want to have your machine both accessible but also easily packed away.