Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Wildlife sanctuary Laos, 1994
I've hit a milestone. I'm tempted to say that my reward is a license to pass judgement and offer advice, but don't worry, not even I believe that.

In the mouth of the giant pumpkin, Buddha park, Vientiane, Laos, 1993
The fact is keeping an exclusive romantic relationship afloat for twenty years is a reward for persistence, not skill. Instead of giving each other new china, perhaps we should be giving each other medals for stubbornness. They wouldn't be entirely inappropriate to be sure.

Waterfall swimming, Laos, 1993
But I'm glad in so many ways that we've both managed to stick with it through all the ups and downs of getting from there to here. We've traveled a lot of kilometers together over the last two decades. In fact when I went looking for old photos of us for this post I couldn't find a single one where we weren't away from home.

Travel, Lao style, 1994
We'd only been going out together for a little over six months when I took off for an indefinite time traveling and maybe resettling elsewhere. It only took four weeks before he'd joined me. We both knew that if we made it through the pressure cooker of backpacking in Asia we'd probably be OK and if we didn't well, we could part ways and get on with our lives.

The joys of poste restante in a pre mobile and internet age, Bangkok post office, 1993
We made it through Laos and Vietnam with black market visas, a few half truths and an awful lot of drink. Through India, Nepal, Thailand (six times in and out on that trip), Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia. We made it through being stranded, lost, sick, falling down Bangkok drains and almost caught in the no man's land between two countries after dark.

Reading the papers on the river Kwai, Kanchanaburi Thailand, 1993

Through deserts and monsoons, a lot of very very hot weather and some notable flashes of extreme cold.

Atop Borobudur, Java Indonesia, 1994

 We both revisited places we'd been before but experienced them totally differently. Noticed new things, tried new things, felt new things.

The sand dunes at Seal Rocks, New South Wales Australia, 1994
We had disagreements and argued, we did things we didn't want to, missed out, messed up, were disappointed (sometimes with ourselves).

Wyperfeld, Vicoria, 1994
But we kept going, through Asia, into Northern Australia and on a slow road home in a 1979 XC Falcon with a tent and two chairs and not much more.

Little Desert, Victoria, 1994
Over the next few years we worked and camped on weekends and every now and then gave up our jobs to go bush for a few months.

The Grampians, Victoria, 1994
 We experienced a lot, saw a lot and traveled even more kilometers. We slept on the lowered tailgate of the 1967 Falcon wagon and watched the stars, about as close to touching them as you can ever get.

Sorrento, Victoria, 1995
 I would never have lived this life of my own accord, and if I were to provide some kind of summary of what my bloke has given me the journey couldn't be more apt.

Flinders Ranges, South Australia, 1995
While we don't get about as much these days as we used to, our traveling hasn't ever slowed down.

The Oodnatatta Track, 1996
 Every day D shows me the sights - like I get to experience life through my eyes but his as well. Two lives for the price of one!

McDonnell Ranges, Northern Territory, 1996
And while travel is hard - make no mistake about that, this is not club Med - there is nothing more exciting, enriching, spine tinglingly alive making than life on the road. I feel incredibly lucky and deeply grateful and more than a little proud of the me back then who was smart enough to recognise a good thing when it passed my way.

The mighty Uluru, Northern Territory, 1996
Twenty years is a long time mate, but not nearly enough. xxxx


Ali said...

That was a really lovely post. Congratulations on your milestone!

I see how like you Amy is when I look at your pictures.

Suzy said...

Congratulations! That really is a big milestone. Lovely to see the photos of you two on your adventures.

nikkishell said...

Happy anniversary to you both! What adventures you have had together and i'm sure there are many many more to come.xx

neki desu said...

love is all you need(sung to the beatles tune)

neki desu said...

love is all you need( sung to the beatles tune)

leslie said...

Gorgeous, Suzie - I absolutely loved this post and all your old images! Congrats, you're both extremely lucky. xx

kt said...

Wonderful. Here's to many more adventures. Thanks for sharing.

Ren said...

Heheheeee, love the old photos! More pleaseeeee!