Saturday, 2 February 2013


Mitts #fetefactory
I'm having a jag of making as the fete draws near. I've been crocheting and sewing and cutting, getting into the groove of mass production. Most unlike me.
The sling bags are starting to pile up! #fetefactory
 Much more like the usual me, I've been organising and stock taking and emailing and farming out jobs to the other piecework mums from the fete factory.
New owlets
This year I am feeling pretty confident. It's my third year managing the handmade stall I think this one will be better than ever. I'm much more on top of things, better prepared with a clearer sense of what stuff I'll be selling. I'm hoping this will translate to a much smoother set up and stall running. And a whisker less of total obliterating exhaustion.
Fete factory. Pieces.
I've plumbed the depths of my stash and let go of some really terrific fabrics - long held pieces, scraps and hand printed lovelies from good friends for sling and wrist bags, aprons and oven mitts.
It's going to be a very @kristendoran kind of fete this year! Thanks SO much K :-)
I've bought some fantastic panels from Kristen for simple softies, made a load of crocheted brooches and bought all the gear for magnets, brooches, pendants, printed tea towels and more, so I think it should all look pretty good on the day.
Arigurumi monkey

In amongst the hullabaloo I've been sewing something else on the sly too. It's the small man's birthday next week and his request was for a new costume. The batman effort has had a good workout since I made it back in August 2010 for a then 3 year old Wil. Last year I made a new cape, since the original had become very much a capelet but the rest of the outfit is most definitely on the small side too.
Birthday present in the making
I had to screen print the logo with my gocco before I appliqued it on, and even then it wasn't much fun, and the undies-on-the-outside with faux belt and belt loops was definitely fiddly. But I was thrilled to pick up the lightweight red mesh for the cape since I was worried the way it is actually attached to the top might result in near strangulation with a heavier fabric.
Undies on the outside

I can't wait to see it on.
For the birthday boy


Leonie said...

Your fete preparation looks pretty good, but Wil's Superman outfit is Outstanding! Well done Mum :-)

jules said...

Super cute!! I love a man in really big undies ;)

Fete prep looks amazing too...


bloglessanna said...

I feel exhausted even reading about you fete preparations. Best of luck on the day. Fabulous pressie.

Julie said...

your fete stuff always looks superb.

Ren said...

I love it! I wish you were living in my neck of the woods and that you were working for my local school's fete!! Jealous!! I'd def buy ALL those beautifully handmade things. Stock up for birthdays and Christmas! And I love, love, love the superman costume. So much better than the ones from the shops. Jealous again. Rx