Saturday, 26 January 2013


Annual camping time.
Departing is such sweet sorrow
We visited the land of my favourite rocks.
Pebble obsession
My favourite rock
Simply can't get enough of these babies.
Grey scales
I could lose hours looking at their wonderful shapes and colours, feeling their textures.
Field of dreams
I love the coastal vegetation - those grasses and tea trees.
Cape conran
I love seeing the wee lad all tuckered out and sleeping so so peacefully.
Camp sleep
And the girl child with her nose in book.
Forever reading
Stunning views help.
90 mile beach
 As does campfire cooking.
Camp burger with the lot
And moody skies.
Night is falling @eaglepoint
I'm not even much minding the loads of dirty washing and other return chores.


travellersyarn said...

It looks lovely.

Thistledew Farm said...

I absolutely love the rocks. I made rock art by putting them together to look like foot prints across my porch - these are perfect for toes.