Sunday, 7 October 2012


Remember this?

That's way back in December 2008 when I picked up a huge load of Shula's destash and found this buried inside. I quite literally gasped in amazement.


I know I've blogged this story before, but just a quick catch up in case you never saw or, understandably, have forgotten in the intervening, ahem, 4 years. I was too frightened to touch it for a good two or three years - I've never picked up someone else's project half way through with pretty much no instruction (just figure it out and a wave of the hands from the far more capable Shula).

Hex blanket

It was actually Jules who got me started on it by chance when she set off for the place where all the wool comes from. I needed rather a lot of the edging colour - an aussie made tapestry weight corriedale - and not having it was a great excuse to not get started. In case the pictures don't make it clear these motifs are crocheted in two strands of the equivalent of lace weight yarn, on a 2.25mm hook. In other words - a heck load of itty bitty stitches. Just edging and joining (which really is just the finishing touch right?) takes about 30 minutes for each hex. And I am a lot faster now that I used to be. I'm not generally one for the longer term type projects and working on this on and off over years has me reflecting on both the value and frustration of this kind of investment. I can only imagine the devastation of getting half way through and falling out of love with it.


Every now and then I pull it out and have a little hex jag and get another couple of dozen done before the scale of the job overwhelms me again and I have to put it away before I have a panic attack. I'm at it again now, since crochet seems to irritate my bung shoulder less than knitting, and I'm loving it all over again. The colours, the scale, the design. I really take my hat off to Shula - I would never have dreamed this up and would never ever have commenced a project at this scale, but it absolutely pays off in the final blanket which is sturdy but fine at the same time. The finished blanket will be a king bed topper, about 2.5kg of happy, woolly love.

I figure it's almost half way - it's 21 hexes long and 10 complete rows wide and I think it will end up 22 rows wide (though it seems every time I count the hexes there are a different number so it might be 21 wide, or 23. Or something totally else). I think once I've completed the 3 partial rows currently in play it can be a work in progress and lap rug at the same time. And if you want a sense of that scale?


And while completion is still a long way off (NO PRESSURE) I am starting to contemplate the border. The prospect of doing the border scares the living daylights out of me I must confess since a single round will take hours and hours - weeks in fact! - but I also need to think about how many rounds (gulp) and what colour - more of the edging colour? Something less dirt attracting? Luckily I won't have to decide for a while but I'd be interested in your ideas and also if anyone has experience doing a border on this kind of stepped hex - tips??


Nicole said...

Do you happen to have the patter for this? It is absolutely stunning!

sooz said...

No pattern Nicole. As explained in the post, it's improvised. Basic hexes in treble stitch with a crochet join.