Thursday, 30 August 2012

camped and bestowed

Frosty sunrise @lancefield

You know there are times when I wonder if getting to craft camp is really so vital. I mean regular life is not without its joys and fulfilments. And sometimes the packing and sorting and arranging for wonderful giving relatives to care for your children and the making lists and being prepared, and the tearful phone calls from home takes so much out of me it does flash through my mind that perhaps one of these days I will skip a camp here or there.

Pears at dawn

The laughing alone makes it worthwhile to crawl through broken glass to get there, but add to that the incredible generosity of people and the effect is a medicinal strength restorative. I struggle to convey (even to myself when I am not there) just how deep and wide the effect is of being with a group of people in an environment so devoid of judgement, inhibitions, responsibilities and worry. I hate sounding so much like a self help book but its totally the deal. It's everything that's good for you plus loads of dairy produce in one weekend.

Craft camped!

And you get to take home all this great stuff! I made Colette's gorgeous dress (the subzero temperatures made it a little hard to appreciate actually wearing it but when the temps go up I am sure it will be in high rotation) along with Alison and Lisa and when we all posed with Colette there was some talk asylum escapees.
august craft camp

And I was absolutely delighted to make up another of Jodie's robot patterns. The messagebot I made years back is still a favourite at home and now he's got a friend. The queen of toys specialises in robots of all kinds and this newest design is no exception - a joy to make and Wil loves him. I cut out a second whilst at camp that I will be making up for the very jealous girl child. Thanks Jodie for sharing your design and materials with me.
Craft camped!

There was a festival of bag making too, starting with Amy's eagerly anticipated Arrietty bag.
Craft camped!

She wove the cloth the weekend before I went away on Amanda's loom - a wonderful experience for Amy that has added a whole lot of depth the the bag's meaningfulness and a very generous birthday gift from Amanda.

I made myself a new handbag - considerably smaller than my regular to acknowledge and deal with the lack of the usually ever present knitting. It felt silly having a big and empty bag each day on the tram and while going small feels kind of weird it's kind of nice and light too. Many thanks to Maria for the some lining action, every time I open it I hear a little woof! and smile. As always, a leather bag is a delight to have though less delightful to make.
Craft camped!

I also used some of Leslie's stunning new tearoses fabric with a super cute red toothed zip Colette very generously gave me from her trip to Japan (thanks ladies!)
Craft camped!

Lastly another of my sling/beach bags. I haven't made one of these for a while and I was taken all over again by what a nice thing it is to sew, simple but clever and gives a really lovely finish. It also allowed me to use a very precious piece of hand printed vegetable dyed fabric I bought in Bali. It's been sitting around waiting for an ideal project and this really suited it. I lost my original version to D on his recent Japanese trip (always a joy to lose a handmade product to the man who (a) never wants new stuff and (b) has the highest possible design specifications) and this project allowed me to use the panel of fabric I had bought right to all 4 selvage edges. Almost zero waste after I used 1 handle cut out for a pocket, and I'm keeping the other for a wee pouch at a later date. I even had a piece of perfectly shaded blue black linen for lining - left overs from the ink dress.
Craft camped!

Wil was thrilled with his new shorts. He has design specifications to rival his father's and declared these ones perfect which made me very happy. There will be more.
Craft camped!

And lastly a new Tshirt for me - this one good enough to wear to work on a hot day. A lovely heavy drapey printed cotton and viscose from memory, picked up as a remnant from Tessuti.
Craft camped!

I'm also supercharged with creative energy, and plan on finishing a couple more projects I brought home half done.

The day after I got back D made it home from Japan. We all missed him as usual - the kids especially seemed aware that he was further away than usual. But we managed a skype session that was lots of fun and allowed us to explore the wonderful wooden house he was staying in. He had a very interesting time and more importantly outdid himself with STUNNING gifts for me. He doesn't usually bring gifts home from travel but said he was so hyper aware of how much I would have loved everything that he kept seeing things he knew I would love.

I was overwhelmed! So much lovely stuff! He has excellent taste - EXCELLENT - and everything is just full of possibility.

There was fabric
Japan booty 1 - wool knit from linnet
Spotty wool jersey (LOVE this!)
Japan booty 7 - cotton spots
Japan booty 8 - cottons
Japan booty 9 - cats and owls cottons
And some lovely cottons.

And yarn from Avril
Japan booty 2 - silk from avril
Japan booty 6 - cotton twist from avril
Japan booty 5 - red from avril
Japan booty 3 - wrapped silk from avril
Japan booty 4 - linen paper from avril

I feel full to the brim with happiness and good fortune.

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