Thursday, 16 February 2012


A Valentine's gift. New tools for playing with rocks.

Colour work tried for the first time, a wonderful new pattern tested for a very talented creator. Feeling a bit proud.

On the final stretch of a second stab at the stripe study shawl. After the first round crash and burn I'm going again with a darker contrast to the orange. Mad Tosh replaced the yarn and I'm really looking forward to finally having the shawl I started all those months ago.

Swatching amazing yarn for a new jumper.

Delivery of stacks of fresh blank tea towels ready for printing for the school fete.

A mash up of cast offs, off cuts, destash and inherited UFOs for sweet wrist bags for the fete too.

More fete frivolity. Amy is obsessed with owls. I think it's rubbing off on me.

A sneak peek at the fruition of this. A yarn of such unbelievable softness it's less yarn than thin stretches of cloud. I can't wait to get wrapped in it. CAN'T WAIT!

More crochet blanket of doom. 181 hexes done, a third of the way there. Still a very long way to go. An unimaginably long way to go.


Jules said...

Gorgeous new header! And I'm glad to see you kept the dremel ;)

You should be well proud of your work- and thanks for the lovely words.


michelle said...

oh crikey! Too much inspiration for one day. I have downloaded the Shellseeker and am feeling sick at the adding of something else to my extensive to-do list. LOVE it.

Maureen said...

Jeez! You have so much energy. What are you on? Can I have some, please?:)

Take a look said...

Good article! But I think that you could get more good device than this 360..

Megan said...

I never fail to be impressed with both your creativity and productivity.

objectsofwhimsy said...

If you dont mind me asking where you sourced your teatowels from?
I would like to print some teatowels Ive never done it before but cant seem to find a supplier for good teatowels.

I love your blog by the way and I just read your post about blog hiatus. I think its okay for a blog to change its role in your life especially after 7 years which is a long time to be blogging everyday. There are lots of other avenues available today such as pinterest, online publishing such as isuu.
Sorry to hear about your friend taking offence its a tricky one isnt it? but it was unintentional and if she had spoken up earlier the post could have been removed. Maybe if we are going to write about people we know we could check if its okay to do so before we publish the post. Of course hindsight is a wonderful thing. :)