Thursday, 5 January 2012


I am seeking grace in this period of restless inaction.

My health care professional has braced me for the likelihood that my cough and cycles of exhaustion and infection will probably continue for at least six weeks longer, so I am trying to simply view the next little while as a time of gentle non commitment.

I feel OK enough of the time to keep normal life going - sort of - but crap enough to be uninspired and grumpy as hell, and to have lost all faith in making plans and doing stuff.

Cue the perfect time to chug away on a few miles of the crochet blanket of doom.
I am surprised how much I am enjoying the mindless repetition and the feeling of progress. A long way from finishing to be sure, but now that I have passed the a quarter of the way there milestone it is beginning to look distinctly blanket like.

And while I am hooking I am gathering courage for a mighty destash. Just as soon as my lungs are fit for a bit of dust exposure I am going to be ruthless in getting rid of loads of books, some fabrics and yarn. Really clearing stuff out. I won't have enough stock or interest in running a market stall and while I can fairly easily destash yarn on ravelry and books on ebay I am not at all sure about how to offload fabric in an efficient way. Anyone got some good ideas? Is this blog a reasonable place to conduct a garage sale?


Jody Pearl said...

If it's a one off thing Facebook might be worth trying. I recently put up & sold some fabric brooches this way.

With good photos (true colours), postage info (I only sold within Australia), all relevant info ie. fibre content widths etc. and a Blog Post for advertising I'm sure you'd sell out in no time.

Having said all that, being that you're in Melbourne and in the 'loop', an open day in ya kitchen would probably work just as well.

Good Luck :)

Rachael said...

I gave away a bunch of stuff to a local craft group. There are always groups doing charitable things who could use donations if that's an option. I know for me I am way way too lazy to try to sell stuff piecemeal as its so time consuming it hardly seems worth the effort.

Jules said...

Gah, sorry to hear you are feeling shit. Good luck with the said blanket. I'm gearing up for sewing so very likely to be interested in some fabric when and however you decide how you want to move it on. The idea of a kitchen table sale may be too much but could be good!


Michele said...

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you'll defy your medical professional's gloomy prognosis and be on the mend much faster than they predicted.

Love the blanket you are making. You've done the joining of the motifs so well. That's always been my downfall.

As to the fabric, perhaps call your local hospital and ask if anyone makes quilts or baby items. If you are near a veterans' hospital or similar, they too may have a group making things. Maybe too one of the larger area churches has a group.

On second thought, rather than call all over town, maybe try your local fabric store. If there's a group of folks doing charitable sewing, they're probably known to the shop owner as buyers or through requests for discounted or free supplies.

Jodie said...

hell, that seems like a long time... I say a garage sale on the blog is perfectly fine -first in best dressed kind of thing.
Wish I could offer words of advice re health, unfortunately you have to go with it and try and rest.