Saturday, 19 February 2011


It's been an odd kind of week, with all manner of unexpected occurrences. I've had a persistent yet elusive virus too - making me feel crappy and stupid without really getting specific enough to fight. I've missed 2 days of work on the doc's orders but it hasn't really helped.

yarn workshop
There's been some heavy yarn traffic through these doors, and not all of it inward. Firstly the booty from the sad demise of the Yarn Workshop. I know Ingrid isn't sad about it - she's moving on to bigger and better things and about this I am very happy, but I'll remain sad for a while. At least I will be when the yarn stores start to dwindle. 15kg came to my door in a large box and I was very restrained in keeping only 5 or so (a couple of which may yet find themselves drifting off elsewhere).

garage sale
The yesterday I followed up a tip about a forthcoming garage sale just a few doors away from Wil's childcare - that's fate right? And I picked up a good haul of cone ends of exciting Avril yarns. Not enough of anything for get something made, but it's a great opportunity to try out things with an eye to future projects. I also picked up a couple of other bits to add to the stash and a wonderful lot of local cormo wool which I stroked but then passed along to someone else I feel may be in need of the stash more than I (and more importantly, likely to get it knit sometime before old age sets in).

One of the oddments was a good size skein of thick thin undyed plain plied wool (bottom left in the photo above), and although it isn't super soft, the texture is super appealing. 
I immediately set to dyeing, feeling like the whole thing reminded of ocean scenes and wrinkly seaweed. The first paint of colours came out altogether too bright and turquoise like for me - although the colour variations were really lovely and complex - so I redipped it in weak black to tone the whole thing down.

Was it the right thing to do? I don't know - I love the deepness now, the subtlty, but I fear some of the diversity has been lost. What do you think?

Sunday, 13 February 2011


The day the tomatoes will ripen in number

The tears that will be shed when the small pieces get lost or broken

The dinner I can already smell (lamb roasting over sprouts)

A cozy winter and a crafty future (she made them herself!)

Eating the two apples that are on the tree this year

A beautiful finished garment

A lot of sewing up

More sticky rice

Also a few more pattern sales, now that I have finally set up a spot here on the blog where you can buy my various patterns direct from me - see the link over there up the top of the side bar? I haven't got an automated buy from me button, mostly because Paypal has pissed me off so mightily in the last week that I can't bear to actively throw business their way (though if course you can pay via paypal if you want). I decided to create the buy my patterns page here because I have been getting the odd enquiry from people wanting to buy them who don't use ravelry or who don't want to buy a sewing pattern in a kit form. So the knitting patterns are PDFs and the sewing patterns can be bought in either printed form or as PDFs which then need to printed out at a print shop.

Friday, 11 February 2011


for the way you say thank you! and good job mum!


for the way you like to hold my hand when you are going off to sleep.
for the way you can spot a car in any place, no matter how small or invisible it may be to other people.

for the way you make me laugh and laugh.
for the future I can't begin to imagine, but which unfolds before me everyday, without warning, without my permission.

Can it really be only four years you've been here? I can't remember a time you weren't around, can't imagine what I did for entertainment or how I ever understood such simple, straight forward joy.

I love you like life my little man. Happy birthday.

Sunday, 6 February 2011


It occurs to me that it has been a long time since I posted anything here aside from eye candy. I'm not entirely sure why that is - a lot of busyness doesn't help, but also sometimes the things I'm thinking a lot about have implications for other people and it's hard to feel like I can really talk about them here without breaching confidences, or privacy or just plain being misunderstood.

Or, as in the case of work, breaching my employment contract. That one is a real shame because I am aware all too often at work that I get an 'insider's' look at how democratic government and Westminster bureaucracy works and in a land of compulsory voting we would all do better if we knew a little more about that. It can be tiring to hear people slag off politicians, vote them in with ridiculously high expectations of what they can achieve, feel really angry that they don't manage to achieve more and then blame them personally for everything that's wrong in their lives (especially when said people have not much idea about how all the stuff that does get done, gets done).

The world abounds in examples of countries where government has failed to achieve one tenth of what ours do and maybe if people understood a little more of what it takes to make stuff work they would be a little less critical and a little more helpful. Or at least save their criticism for the times and places where they are really warranted. And the media could focus on reporting serious shit instead of stuff that really is of no importance.

And if all this sounds a little banal it's only because I am not in a position to be specific and it's like trying to make a case with one tongue tied behind my back. I can't tell you how annoying it is.

I've also been thinking a lot about parenting and about reasonable expectations to place on kids, and on parents, and about confusing my own selfish desires with a well thought out position on independence. I am not a mollycoddler, I do not want to keep my kids young or cocoon them. I think challenging kids to develop and become independent is a critical part of parenting and an enormous advantage throughout life. It was how I was raised and I am very glad it was. I was taught to take risks, but to think about and be strategic in doing so.

But like all other views of parenting, it can take a battering when things are under pressure. As Wil has entered his 'afraid of the dark' phase I am torn between pushing him to confront and overcome his irrational fears (especially when at least some of the time I am pretty sure there's less fear and more manipulation involved) and wanting to protect him and comfort him.

Now don't jump to conclusions - these things are not black and white and I'm not mean about it (he has lights on outside his room and a night light and cuddles and I lie down with him if he's really agitated - sometimes all the way until he is asleep), but constantly trying to gauge where to be on that grey scale has been messing with my head.

And quite possibly more so because I have been doing a bit of the old switcheroo between solo parenting and co parenting. When I am alone quite a few of the goal posts shift, in part because I don't have to negotiate with another adult for consistency and philosophy but also because my capacity and will is more fundamentally stretched.

Parenting is a pragmatic exercise - quite aside from what we believe there is what we are able to do - but when I am moving from solo to co parenting this is in such high relief that I feel awash with the way all this slips from my grasp. The result is of course that so very much of the time I feel like I am doing everything badly. When I find myself alone and taking the shortcuts I inevitably must I feel bad for how this impacts my kids.

But then suddenly I have someone looking over my shoulder who is wondering why I'm taking those short cuts, why I'm not doing things the way they've always been done. And then, well, then I feel even worse. It's no comment on the bloke - it's a natural consequence of adjustment - but none the less I find myself full of doubt. The bottom line is no matter how things run I find going from being in charge, accountable and responsible for everything 24 hours a day to being in a partnership with ambiguous divisions of labour and expectations way harder than I like, and that I don't find it easier over time I find disappointing and a little alarming.

I am also unnaturally attuned to the enormous diversity that surrounds me - the parents who don't let their kids out of their sight and those who free range, those who show a bit of tough love, those who value attachment and peace above all else, those working the flash cards with their preschoolers, those letting their kids lead the learning process, those who spend at least a few nights a week away from their kids to pursue their own lives and those who have never had a babysitter in the house.

And while diversity doesn't have to be division (because being different doesn't have to mean being judged), when I am feeling less certain everyone else seems so much more coherent. Like I'm on some kind of wiggly ride while everyone else is down on the board walk. Is that a good thing? For me? For the kids? Can they be separated? Can I ever know?