Saturday, 3 December 2011


Stage 1 complete!

The photo is awful because my proper camera only has a 50mm lens and there is no where I can stand in this room and capture this bookshelf in its entirety.

Anyway, it's still solidly packed, but it has been culled, it has been tidied, it is in order. There's always more that CAN be done, but I'm OK with this as it is now.

I have in fact made substantial incidental progress in other zones too, but I've decided that I'm going to move systematically round the different parts of the room, and do my best not to get overwhelmed by the totality. I can only claim victory in sequential order.

The machine knitting zone is pretty much done - though I do need to test some equipment and put stuff up in the roof, it is at least now tidy and useable. I have in fact been machine knitting swatches to finish off the lightweight summer cardi I started at craft camp - but so far just haven't gotten the fabric I want, so no show and tell just yet.

Zone 3 - the fabric stash shelves - are in pretty good order too. There hasn't been much culling there (it just feels wrong to get rid of good fabric), but certainly some better organising and the dispelling of the crap that builds up on the shelves around the plastic tubs. It's not perfect yet but getting there.

The rest of it is still a nightmare.

But despite the work room crap explosion and my ongoing viral/asthma illness (10 days people. I'm suicidal) I managed two distinct crafting episodes today - both heavily christmas themed. I may be losing my mind seeing as how I don't even like christmas.

But the mantle piece now sports two stockings - red with white cuffs made from felted wool jumpers and personalised with wee letter beads to head off the bloodbath that may ensue at a later date. Forgive the crapper than crap photo. So crap. The photo in fact just caps off the whole trailer trash christmas craft look of it. Oh I feel sick.

Then I was struck dumb by a cute image on pintrest and immediately grabbed the button collection, some beading silk and in ten minutes made some christmas themed jewellery. Clearly. Gone. Mad.

Also in the back catalogue of the great unblogged is this hoodie I made for Wil.
I'll begin by saying Wil won't wear knitted stuff. And no, it is not an itchy wool thing. I think he has some belief that the 'needles' stay in the garment after you finish knitting them or some such freaky notion.
Anyway, while it stabs me in the heart (the gorgeous malabrigo hoodie I knit him has NEVER been worn. Sob.), I know for him there's no higher pinnacle than polar fleece.
So even though it feels like plastic bags or worse, I made him a polar fleece hoodie. The shape is actually lovely - I was very pleased with this pattern and will make it again for sure.
Another from Ottobre of course. And my young man looks great in it.
Well, actually he just looks great, the jacket is incidental really.


Jodie said...

Incidental indeed. Hell he is gorgeous.
Connor, reading over my iPad shoulder says " did she make that- it's awesome "

sooz said...

Compliments from a male teenager? Wow, that's high praise indeed! And since I'll take the compliment for both the wee man and the no natural fibres jacket, I'm doubly blessed!! Is it wrong to be in love with one's own offspring in this way?

Annie B said...

Wow, great shelves! It is such a good feeling to get things tidied up isn't it! I helped my girl clear out stuff from her room that she doesn't need/use - we took a heap of stuff to the op shop! I love the hoodie and laughed when I realised that the necklace wasn't actually hanging around your neck but was on your hand ( interesting wrinkle lines for a cleavage huh?)
But to be fair it does look like a cleavage on first look!

travellersyarn said...

What gorgeous eyes (and nice fleece as well).

Shelves, what shelves? (seriously, well done - we did the CD/DVDs today).

Leonie said...

It seems redundant to say that Wil's jacket looks like a professional job but I will because it does!

The Christmas tree is gorgeous, such a simple thing to do but oh the person who thought of it was a very clever person indeed! Where on earth did you get the star from?

Yarn Wrap said...

Oh I have to keep pushing on. 4 years in McKinnon and now for another big cull. No longer teaching textiles only food tech, so much has to go. a uni girlfriend coming to stay after christmas is my incentive.

I wish we had a Fabric Cave in Melbourne.