Thursday, 8 December 2011


I can be quite petulant when I sew. If something doesn't work easily, first time, I can be tempted to simply bin it or leave it in sewing purgatory more or less indefinitely. I can be tempted, and I can give in to temptation.

But occasionally I can talk a project down off the ledge and do my very best to rescue it.

I made this T-shirt with gorgeous hand printed jersey by Bird Textiles, but when I was trying it on an observant friend spotted the unfortunate impression created by the bridge arches near the hem - undies on the outside anyone?

Fast forward nine months or so before I could face dealing with it. Of course in the end it wasn't so hard - after my initial plan of buying some plain jersey to match failed (so many different white jerseys out there let me tell you) I simply lopped the bottom off and added a band from elsewhere in the print. Very glad the pattern repeat size forced me to buy excess fabric!

I also rescued these chairs. I recovered them some time ago from their original green vinyl (it's somewhere on my blog but buggered if I can find it). And really, my choice of fabric was just plain wrong. I loved the way it looked and it hid the dirt pretty well, but the weave was too open and the seams started to give out way too quickly.

It's not a big job really to recover the seats, and the results so justified the efforts - just wish I'd done it earlier!!

Clean up and Christmas. A match made in heaven.


Jules said...

GREAT to see that tshirt become as glorious as it should have been ; ) not one of my prouder moments, pointing that undie line out!!


Kate said...

Nice save - it looks great now!

Jane said...

'undies on the outside' - hahaha! Why is it those unfortunate placements only become apparent on the finished garment? Well saved, and well worth saving.

Anna said...

Ha - I'm about to make a headboard for our bed out the fabric you've used. Looks great on the chairs.

Nick UK said...

I have just used this fabric to make bedroom curtains, and the remnants to cover the seat cushion for an ercol chair, popular stuff!