Friday, 16 September 2011


I've been dashing along on the new jumper.

I dyed the yarn, the last of my aran weight posmerino from the Knittery (RIP Knittery, we miss you!) with the help of Jules (thanks Jules!). Actually, I dyed it twice since the first round of grey/black/blue/green just wasn't even enough to give a quiet transition between skeins. I now rather like it, reminding me as it does of an inky sea with flashes of blue and green from the depths.

It's based on a Diance Soucy pattern (author of the oft made hoodie - here, here, here and here) for a cowl neck jumper, though of course I'm messing with it. In fact really, I'm mostly using it for the cast on stitches which is shockingly lazy since I could well have done some maths and saved the cost of the pattern. But her patterns are so wonderful - I don't begrudge supporting someone who makes solid, reliable, well fitting patterns, even if I feel the need to mess with them.

So, I added a bit of extra shaping in front as well as the side shaping in the pattern and overall added less ease. The yarn pooled badly twice - firstly just before I started the shaping and then again as I finished it - leading me to the very overdue realisation that when I knit my hip measurement it is an almost perfect match for a factor of the skein size and pooling is INEVITABLE. So there was a lot of breaking and rejoining of yarn to try and minimise the splotchy thing.

Next I decided that instead of a rib band at the hem I'd do a band of herringbone and repeat it for the cowl neck. I'm very happy with all that except the cast off looked awful.
Because herringbone is done using very big needles and every stitch gets knitted twice I couldn't use a regular cast off or I would have had a row of big floppy stitches. But casting off in herringbone left me with a very uneven and loose cast off and after a few hours of staring at it and cursing I decided to try a round of (US) single crochet through the cast off stitches to see if I couldn't neaten it up.
I'm much happier now, though only wear will tell if the crochet is enough to stop it rolling out when I wear it.

I'm crossing my fingers that there will be enough yarn for good long sleeves as well as a giant roll neck. I'm a wee bit nervous.

And then of course, since the jumper is now too enormous for discrete commuter knitting I had to cast on the left over Elsa wool cormo from the Harvest Moon Cardi to start a long overdue Wool Peddler's shawl. A delight to knit, so squishy and warm and woolly.
It's making me all the more excited about the success of the Ton of Wool project - soon I'll be knitting aussie cormo! So so exciting!


knitabulous said...

I'm making garlic chicken for my family tonight, and came here to check the 'recipe' again. I have a suggestion for your cast off - you could do an icord cast off - beautiful finish and no rolling. It's easy too.
Anyway, better get back b4 I burn the garlic like usual.

Jodie said...

Very excited on your behalf about ton of wool ! Didn't understand a word of this blog post but it felt good to hear your voice .

Jules said...

Looks awesome! And loving the colour, especially in the herringbone... Great work on finding such a neat solution- must remember that for the next screw-up ; )