Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Seven newish machine knitters, a gun for hire, a Sunday lost in the art of learning.
A new garment, some new techniques, a lot of tips and tricks won from experience.
Two strands of alpaca 3/21 and one of superfine merino 2/28, worn upside and downside.
Many thanks to Bri for leading us in the journey (natural born teacher!) and Teegs and Lara for loaning the studio space.


michelle said...

That's LOVELY on you!!!

Mine is drying today. Thanks so much for organising the day - it was fantabulous. :)

Kate said...

That is fantastic! Great work for one day!

Pamela said...

Amazing cardi! Is there any chance you colud give us a photo of the back?

sampling said...

It looks fabulous! Will have to finish mine soon! before it gets too hot to wear it!