Sunday, 7 August 2011


It's not all about the pointy sticks afterall, there's some actual sewing going on too. 

Albeit this one is sewing for knitting tools. Uber dag, and in machine knitting circles, that's something. Made from scraps purloined from the Crumpler shop.

This one only just escaped the scrap heap - a saga of poorly chosen pattern, pressing on despite the clearest instinct that things were not going right, buying additional fabric to allow set in sleeves to become raglans and all manner of other stupidness. Should be good now but. Awesome printed fulled wool knit from Tessuti. Of Course.

And arrrrr a wee bit of pirate kit.

And an impromptu dish inspired by the unlikely appearance of green mangoes at the local supermarket. Green mango salad accompanies two of my favourite Thai dishes that I've never seen outside of Thailand, fried cotton fish and smashed catfish salad. I tossed this one with palm sugar, fish sauce, lime and chilli, spring onions and peanuts and then set it on tuna and brown rice. Bloody delicious.


Tania said...

Well, I usually finish one of your blog posts with my jaw on the floor, so nuthin' different about today then.

(But also a bit jaw on the floor about the local supermarket stocking green mangoes)...

jules said...

Yum! Was just thinking we hadn't been treated to any food porn recently ; )

And as you know, I love that tool case very much... must make one.


sewjourn said...

Great tool case. Must one for my crochet hooks!