Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Jo, Niki, Lisa, Alison, Jen, Kim, Ellen, Anna.

Brilliant sunshine, a carpet of early morning frost.

Twice cooked tamarind pork ribs, lemon curd cake.

Quiet and laughter.

And lots and lots of making.


 Rash vest for Wil (old swimwear fabric scraps from stash)
 Rash vest and swim shorts for Amy (Sea Folly and Tessuti respectively)
A rash vest and swim shorts for me (Sea Folly)
 Skirt for Amy (Tessuti)
Pirate T-shirt for Wil (Ink and Spindle)
 Trams and Bikes T-shirt for me with pleat sleeve detail (Ink and Spindle)

 Knitting project bag (Maya Muse tea towel outer, Ink and Spindle inner)

 Hot wire vest made from left over scraps from the hot wire cardi I made a while back - did I ever photograph and blog that? Maybe not...so here it is

 Love hot wire, and the new very similar aspen (both from Tessuti) - wool nylon that's stretchy, lightweight, doesn't crease and warm.

 Wool jersey top and wrap made from the left over scraps. Not 100% happy with this one. I was trying to reproduce one of my favourite tops (under the cardi in this pic), but this jersey is thinner and stretchier and well, lightening never strikes twice. Good enough, but not great.

 Some very wide leg pants with a pocket lining made from the hungry hungry caterpillar range. I had planned for these to be summer 7/8 length but then figured I'd leave them long. Looking at them now I'm thinking I may have been right the first time. Will rethink after they have had a wear and wash. Love love love the extra wide cross hatch denim from Tessuti.

 A lovely loose weave linen from the Tessuti remnant sale. Just waiting for summer.

 And the treasure of them all - the New York Cape from Tessuti in a napped wool coating fabric, also from Tessuti, that has a lovely sheen and is almost fur like to the touch. This was a joy to make and I love the finished garment - can't wait to wear it! Love the wool bound edges and the button details. Love. I added pockets to mine - just simple shapes also bound in wool before being sewn on - and lengthened the cape overall by about 8cm which gives a much better line on me.
 I also decided to use flat felled seams in the hood and shoulders too instead of the bound seam allowances the pattern uses as I felt it would diminish bulk at the seam in my heavy coating. I was really happy with how this turned out, despite it being a little bit fiddly to do.
I did a full bust adjustment to accommodate my more ample bosom. This also gave me a smidge more room to move. I tried on a sample of the cape made directly to the pattern size and while it fit me, it wasn't as loose as I felt it should be. I slashed open the front piece through the centre of the dart and straight to the bottom hem and then opened the pattern out by about 1.5cm. I also dropped the dart finish point by 2cm for a smoother taper. I didn't open out the back, but since my bottom is also ample, I pivoted the back pattern piece out from the fold at the hem line by about 1.5 cm - this meant the neck line wasn't altered but the bottom hems matched. Very happy with how it all turned out - I'd definitely make this again.

 I didn't take my camera with me but I couldn't resist snapping this with my phone at the farmer's market - how awesome is this chook cage?!
Oh and speaking of awe - poached pears 6.5st style. The red wine glaze was so dark and shiny at first I though they were coated in chocolate, but a slice reveals a wonderful line of colour bleeding in. They were delish too.

We very much missed Santos, our regular and amazingly talented masseuse who has buggered off to live over the seas so I am on the hunt for a new pair of magic hands in the Lancefield area, or prepared to come to us mobile like. Tips welcomed!

Now I am off to the great unpacking And some hard core catch up sleeping.


michelle said...

gah! you did awesome things! Very sad I couldn't be there. I LOVE your cape. That's on my make one day list too.

You rock Ms Fry.

Colette said...

I can't believe you got all that done in 3 and a bit days....amazing! Love it all and so thrilled to see the NY Cape made alla Suzie style! The patch pockets edged in the wool binding is a great detail! Great colour too x

Lisa said...

Love all your makings, looks like a very productive trip! When we go to Lancefield we go to the Lancefield Day Spa just near the pub...oh wow is all I can say. Sylvia is amazing, and she has an offsider who is just as good. They have a website but it's not very up to day - you can get the phone no there though. It looks like they offer your average beauticians stuff but their massages are sensational.

Lisa said...

Sorry just adding that the address on the website is wrong, they've moved to the main street just up from the pub.

sewjourn said...

Lisa beat me to it but I was going to suggest Lancefield Day Spa - the girls are nice. Will ask next time I'm up in Lancefield if they are able to do mobile???

Jodie said...


Lisa said...

Outstanding! Those kids look mighty pleased with their lovely lot. Hope you get some more chilly days to enjoy cape-wearing.

nikkishell said...

Outstanding production as usual!

kim at allconsuming said...

I love every single thing you made. You must have made that skirt for Ames before i got there as I didn't see it - the fabric looks gorgeous. The cape is, of course, a masterpiece. Love love love. I was thinking craft camp broke me but what it did was break my manic pace. It made me slow - AND SLEEP! - to the point my body is still fighting its return to mania land. I slept for much of Monday! Oscar loves his quilt so far and I'm going to make that skirt out of that fabric we discussed.

Kate said...

Amazing Suzie!! Love the cape and all the swimming tops and shorts - I am going to venture there this summer for the girls and after seeing yours maybe I need to try swimming shorts for me.

Gloria said...

so talented!

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome cape!
Liz Lopez