Sunday, 24 July 2011


I have been following the genesis of this idea for a while through discussions over on Ravelry and frankly, it's the most exciting thing I've seen in a while.

Not in the pretty sparkles trivial kind of way, but in the long term susatainable everybody wins feel good kind of way.

The force that is Ms Gusset is putting her belief in the quality of Australian wool, the shared interests of the local aussie yarning community and the value of fighting for a rarer breed into action.

Instead of waiting for some commercial operator to wake up to the amazing properties of cormo she's organising a community pledge where you can commit to buying the finished yarn before it's been produced, thereby funding the production run.

Those who don't like to take risks might find this a difficult proposition, but I don't. I've knit with cormo - bought from the US with a shocking postage cost - and can attest it's an amazing wool, soft and rustic all at once, new and exciting and yet the very essence of sheepy delight.

I'm shocked we grow this wool on our doorstep but can't buy finished yarn here. It's so dumb. And I'm really excited by the idea of keeping it local and small and non commercial by getting the yarn users who trust our farmers, our tradespeople and millers, to fund the making of their own yarn.

It is a risk I will happily take - not just for the yarn (although that's motivation enough) but because the whole enterprise is a business model the excites the hell out of me. You can choose the amount you want to pledge - from buying a place on the email list to a single or multiple skeins of finished yarn.

Please go over and be a part of it here. Just click on the story and you can log into pozible - the online fund raising system that's facilitating this venture.


captain plaknit said...

thanks so much for sharing this sooz! :) something i am passionate about too, but i am not so into ravelry to have heard about it there. i will certainly be making a pledge!

Helene said...

Yes, ditto, thanks for posting this! I've made my pledge too, and promoted it where I can. It's really great.