Friday, 29 July 2011


The needles, the yarn, the machine. They fill my mind night and day and pretty much everything else in life feels like a distraction from the main game. I have a jacket that's 60% sewn but I don't fancy it's chances of getting finished in the current environment. Even making chocolate chip cookies was a major intrusion. Not so the eating of course, but still, it's serious.

I've finished my first machine knit garment using the knit radar - a handy little gadget that turns a visual picture into a row by row stitch counter - and I am pretty impressed. $15 worth of discount Bendigo yarn in 5 ply, about 3 hours of knitting and a very useable result thank you very much. There will be more for sure.

I also set to a bit earlier than last year on the annual fathers day sock knitting job. I used patonyle 8 ply - a really lovely thick boot sock results and I am sure the mister will be very pleased. He's an explorer sock wearer as a general rule so these should be a winner. The stripes were to recover from the terminal shortage of yarn - these ones will be taking pretty much 150gm, not the 100gm max I am used to in a 4ply.

The socks are progressing so nicely I started swatching on the side for a new jumper for me - a plan I've been mulling over for weeks now. I want a big warm jumper with long sleeves and a chunky snuggly neck, so I dyed up the last of my 10ply possum merino stash in readiness. I love the black/grey/green/blue but I feel very nervous about the amount of variation between skeins, so I am thinking I will have another patch overdyeing session before I commence in earnest. Sigh.

I'm also fantasising much about knitting up this luscious orange and grey combo. It's mad tosh pashmina, a yarn and quantity suitable for a shawl type arrangement. I'm very drawn to this (have in fact already bought and printed the pattern), but have a growing sideline interest in this, this and this. That's stiff competition, right? I think I can be forgiven for vacillating.

I've got a few baby arriving deadlines too, a blanket here, a cardigan there, and a class next week on learning how to knit tubes on the machine.

I. just. can. not. stop.


Leonie said...

Citron is on my "to do" list. If you did the flat bits in one colour and the ruffled bits in the other it would look stunning. Have seen the Stripe study shawl a couple of times and it's asymmetrical nature is interesting. The Wool Peddlers shawl is pretty but I think the garter fabric would drive me mad while knitting it. The textured shawl recipe looks almost delicate and is very pretty, it looks like you'd have to play a bit with your colours.... Good luck with your choosing :-)

Jodie said...

The language may be different but the obsession is the same here.

jules said...

The vest looks totally awesome!! Love it. And the posmerino dye job looks great after all ; ) you must bring some on Sunday to show.

I vote for the stripes shawl even though it weirds me out! The colours will be very striking in it.

trash said...

I am in awe.

jamsandwich said...

Have you seen the fracture shawl pattern? I cannot decide between it and stripe study.
No time for cookie cooking - tragic.

kim at allconsuming said...

WOW.Every single one of those shawl options is stunning.

Ren said...

I like the first shawl the best, the stripy red and grey one.

The vest and socks are awesome. You are so clever!