Tuesday, 7 June 2011


I realised this morning that the blog post about craft camp was only in my head. A small oversight.
Perhaps because I neglected to take any photos aside from this little fellow the blog post didn't stay on the radar, and by the time I photographed even some of the goodies I brought back it already seemed like a dream.

Anyhow it was, as always, a wonderful trip. All the good things were in the mix, the making, the relaxing, the laughing, the food and the enormous amounts of inspiration and creative high.

I was enormously pleased with the haul - a couple of big jobs out of the way, some fairly mundane sewing accomplished and a couple of unexpectedly exciting things popped out.

I love love love the quilt. LOVE IT. It is for my little brother and his new wife - because a new life together should always start with bedding I say.

I dyed quite a few of the fabrics, and I'm stupidly in love with the little title strip which is hand stamped on linen twill tape.

There was a new handbag, since the last one literally fell to bits. Pretty much identical to the last 3 or more I've made because this design really meets my needs. Making them out of regular fabric keeps the cost and time of making them down, so I'm OK with the regular replacement time frame. These fabrics are from Cloth and I'm loving them.

It was great to finally have a sew with the new Ink and Spindle jersey range. The kids got a T each and both love them. I note with sadness that this is surely the last time I can squeeze a T for Amy from a half meter piece.

The dress was a complete surprise, an experiment gone right, and way better in real life than photo. I love it! There is also a cardi and wrap I haven't photographed.

And as I generally note, a word of gratitude to the fellow campers who go on sharing this belief in the value of crafting community. I say it often, but it's not to be underestimated how fragile communities are, how deeply they rely on a collective agreement to park individual wants outside the door for the sake of everyone getting along. It doesn't take much to shatter that, and it can be easy to lose sight of why you would bother to compromise on a whole range of preferences, to put up with other people's foibles and ways for the sake of a shared space. So to everyone who holds a tongue, who decides they don't mind so much, who is happy to pitch in above and beyond what they must, who gives of things material and ephemeral I thank you.


Trash said...

Having seen an online community dissolve and another explode I echo your gratitude for the wider crafting community on whose edges I lurk.

Julie said...

I am often in awe of the things you make, your colours and aesthetic are so pleasing. And that quilt is just fabulous - what a truly lovely gift.

Kate said...

Love that quilt - from the hand dyed fabric to the binding. Love that dress and all its features - and really loved watching the process of it coming together.

Jodie said...

Sooz, you are touching here on something that is bubbling in my brain a lot at the moment - the small "gives' that get given for the greater good, noticed or not are the glue of a community.
Maybe there is a little something about sewjourn - that it makes those little "gives" a bit easier to give.

Megan said...

That quilt really is a stunner, Sooz.