Saturday, 25 June 2011


I've started in a new role at work. In an environment where much seems to be unsettled, it's a strange and mixed experience. More background noise.

The bloke's away again, I'm making withdrawals on the favour bank and doing my best to not let standards slip too far. As usual the littles are manifesting their sense of disquiet in all kinds of ways, all equally sad for them and annoying for me.

Uncharacteristically there was a flood of tears and an hour of wailing at D's departure, a new development for the little bloke. He seems quite convinced that each of D's departures are inching closesr to a permanent separation.

I'm practising a philosophy of knit myself sane. Both knitting machines have taken up residence in the living room.

I've started my machine knit version of Kirsten's snuggly Kakomu with gorgeous lamb linen yarn from Avril and despite a few user error disasters, it's going pretty well.

Silk stainless
I'm thrilled to pieces with this massive scarf/shawl I made too. In construction terms it's just a simple rectangle, but the thread of silk and stainless steel (also from Avril) that runs through it gives it an amazing textural quality. The monochromaric colour effects come from a bunch of lace weight cashmere cone ends from colourmart, switched in and out in single and double combinations with the silk stainless and then slightly felted. It's loosely inspired by the felt shawl in Setsuko Torii's Hand-knit works, one of my favourite aspirational knitting books.

And there's a big bunch of other machine knit projects in my head just busting to get out.

Home stretch
I'm also on the last gasp of the great golden hoodie. I love this project, this yarn, the pattern. But I will be very happy to give up carrying around 800gms of knit in my handbag everyday.

Now busy thinking about what I'll be casting on next...

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t does wool said...

sooz...gorgeous projects all around..interested in the machine..
not sure of what to buy or how to get started..I may need some advice!