Friday, 17 June 2011


One of the things I've surmised about teaching sewing is that often what students need to learn is less about how to sew than it is about how to fit garments. How to take a reasonably well sewn garment from something that doesn't look great because it doesn't really fit them into something that really sings.

In chatting with the lady of the bottomless skills we thought perhaps a workshop focused solely on modifying patterns and garments to really fit well would be a good thing. Nay an excellent thing.

I'm very excited about teaching it because my experience of going from off the rack (be it pattern or garment) to made just for me is revelatory. I've seen it in classes, I've seen it at craft camp, and I've experienced it myself. That feeling of wearing something you know is comfortable, flattering and elegantly tailored. Makes anyone feel like a million bucks.

It's a very hard thing to achieve alone - you need someone else with the pins while you stand straight and a few pairs of eyes looking at you from all angles to get it really right, so a workshop setting is perfect. There's me and my experience, but there's also a room full of other people who know what looks good and what doesn't, enough views to get a good discussion going and a lot of fun and excitement to be had.

So if you are in the Melbourne area and might be interested, pop on over to Nikki's site and check out the full monty of info.


trash said...

Oh how I wish I were in Melb bc am definitely interested.

Nikki said...

I couldn't think of a better tutor for the job!!! Looking forward to it!

Fioleta said...

Sounds like a wonderful workshop. So much wish I was in Melbourne

Ren said...

That is exactly what I need! I can follow a basic pattern but I can't make things fit me. Will have to go to the next workshop though, or the one after that, since i can't seem to get out of the house without the kids.

eeloh said...

Hey what's this Cloth place you mentioned in your quilt post?

I'm in awe of your output