Wednesday, 11 May 2011


There are so many germs in my throat they have formed their own union and are making demands for permanent residency.

The clothes dryer that has been limping on ever since the tenants shot the bearings has finally ground to a complete halt. I mean, we don't use the dryer much but we assume the tenants did, as do many Europeans and that the damage sustained was probably age plus overwork. Since we don't use it much we've managed for the last year and a half, using it when critical with lots of stopping and starting to keep the thermostat from overheating. But this latest rediculously cold snap has done it in completely and we've bitten the bullet and bought another one. Awaiting delivery.

And quite literally while making the call for the dryer, the washer decided it's over it too. I've always said how great my washer is - and I reckon 11 years without a service call and pretty much a load a day for the last 9 years isn't too bad at all. I have to wait a few days for the service guy, so my house is full of wet partially washed clothes, a lot of wet towels (part of the manual draining exercise) and drying racks filled to the brim.

The drying rack is mostly broken too, held together with yarn scraps and cable ties.

Grim times I'm telling you. Lucky the knitting is working out.


Claire said...

I hope those germs die soon, soon, soon!!! When times get tough in the laundry department my best fix is to bundle the whole lot into the car, transport to the nearest launderette and deal with the lot of it in one go.

Leonie said...

Oh no! Hope those germs up and move on without putting you through too much pain. The washer and dryer have had a long and useful life, it's a shame they have both died at the same time though. Looks like we won't see the sun properly until Tuesday so I hope all of your white goods are behaving properly before then!

nikkishell said...

They say things go in 3's, so hopefully the dryer, washer and clothes horse are it!
We had a dryer which broke. We didn't bother replacing it and our house looks like a Chinese laundry through the winter months.

Hope the germs bugger off soon. See you Saturday :)

travellersyarn said...

What a bugger. Whitegoods are boring (but blog posts about them are not!). We just bought a new dryer - through appliancesonline, and it was cheap, and delivered quickly.

Hope that you feel better soon - isn't it cold!

jeanette Carrison said...

My dryer and tv died this week. I can live without the dryer although laundry draped everyhere is tedious. My 11 year cannot stand no tv and I like to watch and knit. So we bought a new tv.Not waht I budgeted for this week!