Saturday, 2 April 2011


I couldn't really call two posts in row weekend could I? And yet, really that's all I seem to have to say. Week end.

Another went by.

More days at the spanner works experiencing the deepening craziness. Part farce, part high drama.

A day at the hospital while Amy had her brains scanned for weirdness. An anticlimactic and yet thoroughly draining exercise.

Another knitting machine class, more homework to do.

Joined pintrest and now have a whole other vice to not overindulge in.

Dreaming of making myself a jacket with a hood. And a big standing up kind of rim/collar. Possibly in silver. I have no idea where this image is coming from but it is compelling indeed.

Another round of gai yang, and resulting left overs salad the next day eaten in the sun in the tiny park beside parliament. The best I have made so far. I even remembered to take photos of the finished dish and go back and add them in to the post with the recipe. On fire, eh?

Progress in Wil's hoodie - just the hood to finish and it is done. Starting to wonder what to cast on next and with what yarn.

Progress even on the crochet blanket. While it is still only drops in the ocean I am not yet jaded enough to not do a wee little happy dance on the inside as I say another one done. That's 9 down and 403 to go! Yay! I've also worked out a better sorting and carriage system which means I can transport it without needing to take it all.

I have been following the case of Arthur Freeman and have had some illuminating discussions on legal definitions and insanity. I can't tell you how deeply I've felt this, as I know many have from over here on the side lines. I simply can't begin to imagine the horror of that happening anywhere real and close to me. When I read the lines of Darcy's mother's victim impact statement about still feeling her child's hand in hers, of cuddling her at night I had an inkling. Enough to scare the living daylights out of me. There's been some extra hugs for the rascal lad and sparkly girl. Much admiring of eyes and smiles and shiny hair.

And I am also going to out myself and say I am listening to the audio book of eat, pray, love and despite very low expectations and a lingering image of Julia Roberts I would rather not have, I am really quite enjoying it. I know! I think the author is an excellent narrator and I can say with absolute certainty that I never want to see the film, because all that I do like about the book - the musings and language play - would be totally lost in the drippy scenery of romaticisim. I have had more than a few yearnings in this last week or so about returning to India, about taking a bit more time to think about things. Not in a wanky hippy way you understand. Anyway, pleasant to be surprised.

And now I'm off to set all the clocks back to kiss off another year of daylight saving. Just so the kids can get up at 5.30 tomorrow morning.
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Jody Pearl said...

Thankyou - I feel much better now - love your blog.

jodie said...

So much so much .but it is late so I shall just say this.(which I wear as an actaul badge).
"never judge a book by its movie"

jodie said...

and my spelling thinks it is late too...sorry !

sharon said...

I find elizabeth gilbert to be an inspiring speaker ... have you heard her talk on TED?
wonderful ...

trash said...

Oooo Jodie! I want that badge too!

norma said...

meant to say thanks for the great recipes early on and love the blog........

Ren said...

Hi ya, miss ya, nice sunday night read. Hug for Amy.

Corina said...

I have Eat Pray Love in my Ipod and although I haven't finished it yet, I have enjoyed it thus far. It also occurred to me that being able to listen to the play of language as intended by the author adds much to my enjoyment. And to think had I not decided to download the book to keep my handbag lighter, I would have missed out on this.
I think I will watch the movie, I'm ambivalent about Juilia Roberts, but I suspect I will very much enjoy the "visual feast " of the journey described.

Anonymous said...

Shallow comment following: I didn't care for the book, care even less for Julia Roberts but Javier Bardem...mucho watchable and the first crush I've had in 30 years:)

Julie said...

So with you on the Arthur Freeman thing and have been waiting for someone to put into better words than I can what it's all about. I think one of the most disturbing aspects is the degree of violence, and the publicness of the violence directed against the mother. To exact such retribution...And also her words about sort of soldiering on and therefore perhaps not showing quite how terrible it is for her. Anguishing.