Sunday, 24 April 2011


new boots
I'm feeling especially grateful for the Easter break this year. So many school holidays are a juggle of maintaining regular obligations plus having kids to amuse and increasingly I'm taking my work breaks in bite size chunks to plug holes in the caring roster. And it seems like every 'big' holiday we plan gets delayed or abandoned altogether for one reason or another.

So at the end of two weeks of school holidays and Amy coming to work with me to go to vacation care, I decided to take a wee road trip. I packed a few small craft tasks suitable for working on at a kitchen table whilst talking one's head off, a change of clothes and a jar of home made jam and the girl child and I set off.

Now I'm new enough to driving that such a venture, while not exactly terrifying is still a bit of a stretch. I am very conscious, in some ways even more so now than when I very first took to the wheel a few years ago, that driving and the freedom it affords is an enormous privilege but also a responsibility. But everything went smoothly, and even a major rain band that took away all visibility and pushed and pulled the car about was managed.

As we headed north the temperature started to drop and by the time Ms Ric Rac opened her door to welcome us in to her lovely home it was bloody freezing outside. Just perfect for appreciating a large array of hand knits. All at the same time. And wishing our car had a heater, or was at least a little draft proof.

We got to meet the whole Ric Rac clan, four legged, winged and stuffed creatures included, who all generously shared their space with good humor (except the cats who definitely would have been happier if we'd stayed home). There was delicious cake and tea, the completion of the fourth row on the retro blanket, some of Tania's Easter chicks, a finger puppet or two and some more rows on the grapevine.
grapevine wip

And through all this, the girl child behaved in a way that made me not only proud but finally able to imagine a time when she will be less a responsibility and more company. She stitched (like a pro!) and wandered in the garden, ate cake and had nice manners and told funny stories and was generally both self sufficient and entertaining. As much as you can hope for from any friend.

And Jodie and I talked and laughed in that relaxed and warming way that friends do, the way that makes you feel very lucky indeed to have others share the journey. Especially when they bring the cake and some black felt to replace a tiny finger puppet wing somehow lost along the way. So nice to be hosted it must be said, made me feel a bit princess like.

On Saturday we headed off to Daylesford for the Makers Market, along with approximately 50,000 tourists who clogged the roads, ate all the good bread before we could get to the bakery and sat on all the cafe seats. Really, it was so extraordinarily busy I was quite aghast. But we valiantly pressed on, allowing stall holders to greet Jodie loudly, press wee chocolate eggs in the girl's hand (the privilege of being cute) and tempt me with beautiful handspun yarn. (Already on its way to becoming a looped cowl).
A very satisfying holiday (thank you so much Jodie!!), it felt like a real break and on the drive home I kept thinking blergh, work tomorrow then Oh! Yay! No work tomorrow! So instead I thought about the to do list while the girl child played DJ with the iPad.

new boots
First up, there's wearing in of new boots to be done. Hard and important work. Mostly to establish beyond doubt that they were not 50% off because they are hideously uncomfortable or otherwise stupid.

There's 2 new long sleeve Ts for the bloke to sew. I'm keen to get these done quickly and well. Its a fairly new thing for D to ask for clothes, especially the sort of everyday wear he'd normally pop out and get on his own and I figure if I can deliver it will give him renewed respect for the whole making not buying thing, not to mention feel more inclined to pick up the domestic slack if I am off doing stuff that's just for him. And a quick win before the long hard yards of the upcoming hand knit hoodie may do me well by the making gods.

I am awaiting the arrival of yarn for said hoodie, and while normally I would be literally hanging off the letterbox in anticipation I am keen to get at least one or two things off the needles before I start another since I am the kind of knitter who prefers monogamy and find that when I stray I am haunted by a low level anxiety I simply can't shake. Between the blanket, the long suffering Ishbel, the loopy cowl and the grapevine I just can't imagine space for a new project, let alone a great big blokey hooded thing. In yellow. So I am knitting and plan to keep knitting. Lots.

I've also been thinking about a new cardi style wrap for myself made out of some of the really exciting new 'aspen' fabric from Tessuti. How is that RED?! LOVE. It's really similar to the hotwire I made tops with last year But I need time to experiment to really make the most of it.


And I need to seam and perhaps play about with the machine knit vest I knocked out before I went away. I'm not sure the gauge is as I thought, or my math may be bad, but this is perhaps a tad large and odd. The colour is also a major leap for me, but a little challenge to my colour palette may be well overdue.

There's also hot cross buns to make, left over roast to be turned into shepherd's pie, a manky fridge to clean and restock and more than a little tidying needed in the workroom. Oh and children to amuse.

So, right. To it.


Tania said...

With great joy, may I declare that my children appear to have 'de-schooled' and have morphed into semi-delightful beings capable of amusing selves for twenty minutes at a time - with but two days of school holidays remaining. Course I've just gone and jinxed all that. That rainstormed journey sounds well worth the adrenaline and effort. Lucky chooks!

Jodie said...

It was just what the doctor ordered at this end as well.
the sitting and vaguely crafting while talking ones head off was the best medicine ever.
And Daylesford was purely bonkers.

Hitchcock Butterfield said...

I have plans of having a summer getaway. We'll be going to the beach and stay there for 2 days.

Holiday said...

holiday like a dream. Need sun and more funny activities -.-