Sunday, 27 March 2011


face paint
face paint
The fun never ends - another twilight fair.
harvest moon
Completed and worn, a very lovely Harvest Moon.
A very impressive cubby house built of scrap timber and scaffolding while I was off teaching a class. The kids are over the moon, the bloke is pretty chuffed with himself (and the power of the cable tie), and I'm looking forward to getting new garden beds from the clean up.
traffic lights
Progress on Wil's hoodie. A bit rasta for me but the malabrigo is as soft as soft and a pleasure to knit.

Homework for machine knitting class. Rather a lot this month, including a hat, shawl, socks and booties. The shawl was a challenge and I ran out of yarn for the full circle, but man, picking up the literally thousands of stitches for the garter stitch border is killing me. Killing. Me.
And at last the girl child has outgrown the simple bob. Although she is weighted down with her fear of being ridiculed for being boy like, the truth is she looks stunning with it and I look forward to mornings free of howling over hair brushing.

And I will spare you any photos I may have taken of the 2 extended wake ups from nightmares, followed by the bed wetting (an event I am very fortunate to be a party to on the rarest of occasions) and the one and a half hour period of wakefulness that followed - all while the bloke was out on the town. Also spared is the sight of my furrowed brow, my bloodshot eyes and my severely sleep deprived and crankiness personified self.


Trash said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous hair. Was flicking through a craft book the other day and thought 'I recognise that child!' but her hair was a lot longer back then ;-)

Princess C-W is lined up for a BIG haircut next week and I too am looking forward easier mornings.

Niki said...

Damn fine homework!

travellersyarn said...

I wish I could persuade my girls to get a hair cut - she looks lovely. Love the hoodie.

t does wool said...

fun and beauty all the way suze~

kim at allconsuming said...

Well, Amy just looks divine.

As does all the knitting. As per usual.

And the sleep deprivation? Well yeah, that just sucks.

Duyvken said...

Ah, bedwetting. Let us just nod knowingly at one another about it and never speak of it again.
So much sheet-washing here, such a hassle but I don't want my darling boy to feel bad about it so have to make a convincing 'no big deal' face more often than I would like. Hopefully, he'll outgrow it soon!