Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Yeah, well. That idea about not enhancing the stash unless there was need? It appears not to have taken. Gosh, do you think less of me?

Though to be fair, I have very specific and useful projects in mind.

Firstly, after the last post about halting the stash, I thought a bit and talked a bit about what I thought would be my downfall. My guess was denim. I make myself at least one pair of jeans a year, and the kids at least two pairs a year each. There's also assorted other garments (shorts, skirts) and quite a bit of crafting more generally (bags, wheat packs, miscellaneous sturdy objects), and while my stash held a few good sized pieces I didn't think there was enough to keep me going for more than six months.

So when I popped into Tessuti to pick up a new Japanese book I've been hankering for with a very special project in mind, the three newly arrived rolls of superb indigo denim and lycra lying on the counter was my undoing. Useful, needed, barely a stash enhancement at all.


And as I was wearing one of my favourite work shirts last week I was thinking it really is time I added a few more for the cooler months and some good weighty cotton elastine+discount voucher for spotlight=two new shirts for me.

And while I was there I got winter pj flannelet and jersey combos plus some long sleeve tshirt and leggings combos since my kids seem to suddenly have shot out in the limb department (bringing back memories of about this time last year).

And try as I might, there simply were not buttons in the button stash suitable for the completed harvest moon cardi, so there was a trip to Buttonmania, a little indecision and a resulting stash enhancement.


And a stash enhancement of the tooling kind, shortly to be followed by some necessary yarn purchase since I have, at last cranked up the great crochet blanket project I inherited from the wonderfully talented Shula. It was an embarrassingly long time ago, but I think I am finally over my fear and intimidation that I will never be able to match the borders and construction work Shula had already started. Now to work out exactly how much of the edging yarn I will need (gulp) and I will be forking out for that too.


And speaking of yarn, it's not a purchase, but I did finally manage to skein up a good amount of the coned yarn I had from the Yarn Workshop closing down blow out, so it feels like a stash enhancement now that it's ready to be dyed.

Whew that's a lot of work waiting to be done, and I haven't even told you about this month's machine knitting homework, which includes a full sized circular shawl, a pair of socks and a hat. Best I go have a cup of tea and a quick crochet.

edited to add - I did my first hex edge and join last night at 32 minutes and 2gms of yarn. So that's one down, 411 to go or 219 hours and 822 gms of yarn ahead. I may need a lie down...


Tania said...

Um. Even I am needing a strong, sweet cuppa and a cooling, calming brow flannel...

froginthepond said...

My pulse has quickened - what fun there is ahead! Though I was trying to resist going into tessuti with their recent Japanese shipment. I think I hear the sound of my willpower crashing to the ground.

Leonie said...

You obviously had a "Need" *giggle*

It's also not stash if it has a destination/project already assigned, just ask a knitter!

Best of luck with the converting of the "non-stash" to it's planned end.

Emily said...

Oh no - there's a place called Buttonmania?? THAT will be my undoing...

eeloh said...

hey there Soozs, excitement chez nous... Pat is selling me her knitting machine and giving me a lesson.Not sure when as she is selling her house but when all the busyness dies down, it'll happen. thanks for supplying the idea and motivation!