Saturday, 12 March 2011


All this food, you'd think I did nothing but cook! But while the obsession with food has indeed been well indulged of late (and I have a queue of posts to prove it), I've also, at last, managed to squeeze in some time to get the knitting machine out.

First up, class homework. While the projects were not of my choosing, the discipline of working through someone else's instructions has been good for me. It has, in fact, totally fired me up into obsessive mode once again after what seems like a stupidly long hiatus. Every time I get going I feel like brilliance is so close I can almost touch it.

I mean check out these kokeshi dolls!

I have to say, the presence of some study buddies in Maria and Jules has helped a lot, not just in keeping me on the straight and narrow, but in actively problem solving and in learning from mistakes (theirs as well as mine).

I'm pretty happy with my face washer, especially because my last attempt at knitting with cotton was a total disaster and very demoralising. I'm keen to try the shopping bag our teacher Angela flashed in front of us at our last lesson - it was quite lightweight and super stretchy and looked like a pretty good replacement for green bags.

And while a knitted coat hanger cover was never on my to do list, I am kind of happy to say I've made one. The multiple rows of slip stitch have created a super squishy 3D fabric that would in fact be ideal for protecting a delicate garment. Who knew there was reason behind the dagginess?

I am really looking forward to being dragged into further depths of who knewness as the lessons progress!

In the spirit of learning, and compelled by a vision of the ideal birthday gift for my brother, I pulled out the shiny new ribber and armed only with the manual and my bravado I set to.

What followed amounted to several hours of frustration and a lot of wasted yarn - a lot of complaint about dumb machines and a gentle reminder to myself that perfect first time is an unrealistic expectation.

Cue more swearing and unhappiness, a cup of tea and deep breath and another attempt.

And just like magic everything worked. I was very very pleased with this simple ribbed scarf - two strands of charcoal and one of black merino creating a soft and subtle texture.

And for all my complaint a little reflection that I went from no idea to finished object in less than a day and who can complain about that?

I even managed to salvage one of the larger failed pieces, picking up the live stitches on a knitting needle and casting off to make a wide short scarf that will be lovely in winter.

And I am excited beyond measure about progress on the Harvest Moon Cardi. I have only a wee bit of the last sleeve to go and a bit of stitching to put the pocket fronts in and it's done. It's not blocked of course, but the fit looks pretty spot on.

All up it has been a very satisfying knit - quick and interesting, with quite a few little techniques new to me, but nothing too overwhelming or requiring extended concentration. A really well written pattern, with great support from the designer. And of course, a really stunning yarn that is wonderful to knit - springy and soft and highly cooperative. I am dying to get it finished so I can show it off wear it.

I've also cast on (twice now) for Wil's much requested rainbow hoodie. Despite it being everything he wants, despite it being deliciously soft yarn in awesome colours, and using up single balls from the stash too, and despite it being a long time favourite pattern, I am really struggling to enjoy this project. The colours are Just. Too. Much. So much so that I may yet have to work some voodoo on Wil to get him to change his mind about something in it, or better still abandon it altogether.


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh the Kokeshis, gorgeous!! I've not been sewing for a couple of weeks as i sorted out my studio (halved my work space to create a faux bedroom for the high schooler) & today to sew again, i made 3 quilt tops, glee!! Back into obsessive sewing mode, love it!! Love Posie

nikkishell said...

Oh man i'm itching to get my mitts on my own knitting machine!

Love the kokeshi dolls and the cotton washer!

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