Thursday, 17 March 2011


As I barrel along on yet another great enterprise (school fete handmade stall coordinator), worried about getting everything done, feeling rushed and overcommited, heading out after bed time for meetings, cursing myself, I am also thinking how familiar this all is. It's one of those all roads lead to Rome kind of things.

Community+help needed+obviously useful skills+can't say no+mates=taking on too much.

It's a bit like:
new idea+textiles+intense concentration+avoidance of mundane responsibilities+potentially cool finished product=obsession
but I digress.

Whether it is my inability to say no to getting involved in community enterprises or new crafts or fabric purchases, I wonder less why I simply can't say no than why I fight so hard against saying yes?

Well, partly I know - the being overrun by piles of stash is a good reason to put the brakes on, as is staying up all night to sew stuff to sell for a song only to be exhausted and cranky the next day. But to what degree can I fight my essential nature?

How much of the fete is fate?


Posie Patchwork said...

Hell yeah, i'm the fete & fundraising coordinator. I have to listen to people tell me how busy they are, or that they have children (um, it's school, we wouldn't be there if we didn't have children in our charge, i have 4 of them & i can assure you once you start high school, you want to purge all those primary school duties, high school is just so much more interesting, involved & time consuming, not to mention teenagers who need you available when they are ready to talk) . . . anyway, i don't think it's necessarily the inability to say "no" but sometimes there is seriously no one else to do it, or do it as well as you can in your over committed schedule. Good luck, love Posie

trash said...


I take my hat off to you. I wouldn't do it again for quids.

Perhaps you should take to carrying a big stick as well as asking people nicely to be involved? Whatever works I say!

michelle said...

A Fete worse than death.

It's such a bind isn't it - do and suffer or don't and feel awful. Last year I did less than I should but as much as I could and when it was over the only one looking at me was me. Such a lesson.