Saturday, 19 February 2011


It's been an odd kind of week, with all manner of unexpected occurrences. I've had a persistent yet elusive virus too - making me feel crappy and stupid without really getting specific enough to fight. I've missed 2 days of work on the doc's orders but it hasn't really helped.

yarn workshop
There's been some heavy yarn traffic through these doors, and not all of it inward. Firstly the booty from the sad demise of the Yarn Workshop. I know Ingrid isn't sad about it - she's moving on to bigger and better things and about this I am very happy, but I'll remain sad for a while. At least I will be when the yarn stores start to dwindle. 15kg came to my door in a large box and I was very restrained in keeping only 5 or so (a couple of which may yet find themselves drifting off elsewhere).

garage sale
The yesterday I followed up a tip about a forthcoming garage sale just a few doors away from Wil's childcare - that's fate right? And I picked up a good haul of cone ends of exciting Avril yarns. Not enough of anything for get something made, but it's a great opportunity to try out things with an eye to future projects. I also picked up a couple of other bits to add to the stash and a wonderful lot of local cormo wool which I stroked but then passed along to someone else I feel may be in need of the stash more than I (and more importantly, likely to get it knit sometime before old age sets in).

One of the oddments was a good size skein of thick thin undyed plain plied wool (bottom left in the photo above), and although it isn't super soft, the texture is super appealing. 
I immediately set to dyeing, feeling like the whole thing reminded of ocean scenes and wrinkly seaweed. The first paint of colours came out altogether too bright and turquoise like for me - although the colour variations were really lovely and complex - so I redipped it in weak black to tone the whole thing down.

Was it the right thing to do? I don't know - I love the deepness now, the subtlty, but I fear some of the diversity has been lost. What do you think?


travellersyarn said...

Bib boxes of yarn - my, I've been shipping some in the past weeks! I've been at Uni for most of this week, and have enjoyed myself, but also feel quite daunted. What am I getting myself into? Found another knitter though.

Tania said...

That dying malarkey looks a heck of a lot of fun. Although I suspect the key is knowing just when to stop - and I just wouldn't. The first pic is plainly mermaid hair.

Jules said...

I really like the second dyeing. I agree with Tania that it is hard to know when to stop- gotta trust the gut! But I think in this case that it was good to keep going- nice work.

objectsofwhimsy said...

the colour is very beautiful I love the marine hues.

t does wool said...

I adore the dyeing Sooz...but to find that Avril...
luck was shining on you ;)