Sunday, 13 February 2011


The day the tomatoes will ripen in number

The tears that will be shed when the small pieces get lost or broken

The dinner I can already smell (lamb roasting over sprouts)

A cozy winter and a crafty future (she made them herself!)

Eating the two apples that are on the tree this year

A beautiful finished garment

A lot of sewing up

More sticky rice

Also a few more pattern sales, now that I have finally set up a spot here on the blog where you can buy my various patterns direct from me - see the link over there up the top of the side bar? I haven't got an automated buy from me button, mostly because Paypal has pissed me off so mightily in the last week that I can't bear to actively throw business their way (though if course you can pay via paypal if you want). I decided to create the buy my patterns page here because I have been getting the odd enquiry from people wanting to buy them who don't use ravelry or who don't want to buy a sewing pattern in a kit form. So the knitting patterns are PDFs and the sewing patterns can be bought in either printed form or as PDFs which then need to printed out at a print shop.


Jodie said...

Sprouts.....a childhood horror !

Julie said...

how do you keep the possums (and other noctural stealers of fruit and veg) from taking your ripening tomatoes?

Ren said...

Oh my goodness, Wil has moved on to grown-up lego! Very clever.