Friday, 7 January 2011


I am thinking about starting work on Monday. It's the first in a series of milestones that are the ritual beginning of a new year.

Start work, start childcare, start vacation care, start kinder, start school.

And really, this is the start of the very last of such years - next year I'll have two school kids and summer holidays will take on a new character.

While I love the holidays, and these ones have been great, I feel almost excited by the return to real life. Despite all the good thing brought to my life by a bit of spontaneity, I like routine too.

I'm looking forward to two weeks of vacation care for Amy in my building at work, tram commutes together and lunches out with friends and colleagues.

I'm looking forward to wearing some of my newly sewn and renovated clothes to work (and photographing them and posting them here).

I am not looking forward to having an MRI next week, but I am looking forward to having it over, and for the dudes at the stroke clinic to tell me I am wasting their time.

I am looking forward to planning at least one and maybe two holidays for the year. Our planned trip to Japan has been postponed until 2012, and while I'm at least a little bit sad about this, it does leave open the possibility of tagging along when D visits his new project site in the Pilbara. The northern part of WA has long been a place I want to go, and the only major region of Australia I've never been to. We are also wondering about going to Bali to introduce Wil to international travel and give Amy a refresher course.

I'm looking forward to working further on the workroom to make it the ideal creative space and doing my very best to run down the stash somewhat.

I'm looking forward to a little bit of spring cleaning before the school year starts too. To experience, however fleetingly, the sense of things being in order and the cobwebs cleared.

I'm still enjoying the last few days of freedom, I'm in the moment for sure, but I'm also getting ready.


Nikki said...

Yep..... I know what you mean, and I'm feeling much the same.... (only a tad less eloquent).

Here's hoping that the year of real life and work brings a lot of wonderful and unexpected little everyday moments that become our treasured memories.....

Christine said...

Sign of a fortunate life choice, looking forward to the resumption of everyday life.
By the way, I look at your blog just to check the picture at the top. Graphically interesting and emotionally warming (not that any of us need warming today)

sooz said...

Too right Christine, fortune in spades. At a time when northern neighbors are witnessing the loss of life and
Iivlihood I can only feel gratitude all round. It is hard on a blog to balance an unrealistic optimism with a whining realism.

nikkishell said...

I'm looking forward to lots of things this year too. Hoping 2011 is fantastic for you.xx

Pixie said...

I had a MRI a while back. No one told me it would be so noisy. big loud clanging. I thought the machine was going to blow up. anyway, I thought I'd warn you. It's noisy. apparently noisy is normal. I got a letter from a neurologist that says I'm normal. heh!