Tuesday, 4 January 2011


I got taken off to the annual sale at Joy's discount fabric warehouse today. Seriously, I said to my dearly beloved, really, I don't need any fabric. And he took me anyway. Love. That. Man. How much does he get it?

It was 25% off fabric that is already very cheap so of course once I was there it was pretty hard to walk away empty handed. Linen for $10 a metre further reduced to $7.50 - could you? Wouldn't the very idea fill you with joy?

It's been a bargain fabric new year. Last week I scored big at the op shop where someone was destashing and brought home a 2m piece of good heavy denim for $5, a roll of turquoise cotton jersey (8m or so) for $15 and a mess of a lovely mottled grey blue cotton jersey for $5 (6m or so). On the same trip I also got a king size hand stitched cotton quilt for $2! It's faded and a bit stained, but I reckon a dye job will give it a new lease of life and at the very least it will make a fabulous picnic rug.

And I'll have you know it hasn't all been acquisition. In addition to dusting off and completely working through my entire pile of refashion/resize/mend/redeem garments (14 items all up and some of them terrific saves), I have also sewn a fabulous linen and elastine shirt, a giant heavy weight tote out of the denim for my overlocker, a lovely summer dress out of the blue grey jersey, an over top from drape drape, a long sleeve jersey top using a Jalie pattern, a new iPad cover for D and a carrier for my knitting machine combs. Talk about the stars aligning!! I'm cursing that I didn't bring more pattern books with me to knock up a few things for the kids, so sadly I'll have to keep working on myself! The burden.

In amongst this I've had the joy of lovely visitors (you know who you are, but I can't make links work on this software), chats and card games, cider and BBQs, walks on the beach and some lovely photos. Of course I can't show you any of them because until last week I didn't even know you could connect a camera to an ipad, so I don't have the necessary hardware. Yet.

Speaking of which there has been much ipad joy this holiday. You know when D gave me mine for my birthday I was thrilled, it was exciting, and a whole lot of fun. But over time this device has become a second brain for me, and there seems no limits to the entertainment and convenience it can provide. Now that D is on board there is a whole other way of exploring going on. Love it.

There has been joy of the baby kind on my mind - an unexpected girl child arrived, and a boy who will be here any day now, for good, dear friends. They are the first babies for ages in my circle and it's nice to get happy all over again about that whole making new people thing.

Oh and how's this - walking down the beach, hearing my name called and discovering a friend I haven't seen for 30 odd years. You look just the same, she said, and while I know I don't really look like a 12 year old girl anymore isn't it grand to think that 12 year old is still in there, still visible to the outside world? I'm have beers at her house tomorrow and it's just wonderful to feel like some of the good bits of life come back even if they sometimes feel lost.

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Nikki said...

Ahem..... where is Joy's Warehouse...? (just askin'...)

sharon said...

yeah, I'm wondering that too!

sooz said...

Joy's is in Geelong. It's a place I only visit to and from beach holidays. But you can friend them on facebook!

travellersyarn said...

Wow, I love that someone recognised you from you as a 12 year old. You must still be very true to yourself.

Leonie said...

Love the header, so appropriate and interesting looking. Well done on the fabric scores, and on having a supportive husband :-)
Sounds like you current trip away is working out very fine for you, hope it is an indicator for the coming year for you.