Thursday, 13 January 2011


I am paralysed and really need some direction. But feel a very strong compulsion to cast on RIGHT NOW.
Harvest moon?A cardi I am sure I would wear a lot, though some people's versions get the balance between the collar and body pretty wrong. 18 st/25 rows 1475m - I could use my lovely sheepy Elsa Wool.
Lambs lace cardi?A vest type arrangement for putting over a long sleeve T-shirt looks to be fairly risk free?18 st/20 rows 900m - I could use some soft Malabrigo in grey or a striped Rowan cashsoft but I would need to upsize the pattern and might run short on yarn.
Grapevine? Would I wear this? I like the pattern, but it looks more like it is intended to wear on it's own as a top and I just don't wear wool that way - could I use it as a jumper? 22st/30 rows 1400m - I could knit it in some merino/cashmere I have in grey.
Summer solstice? A cardi for throwing over the top of other things with an interesting construction, but perhaps too plain and unflattering? 21st/28 rows 1350 - in the merino above or some multi stripe version in Willabaa.
Space girl? I just love this jumper! But lots of knitters have gotten the collar wrong and that wide sleeve rib might have a seriously and unwelcome widening effect on me. D also lobbied quite hard for changing the v-neck to a round neck and this might prove a bit tricky. At 20 st gauge I would almost certainly have to muck about with combining two finer yarns or buy something entirely new, or do some major maths to get it to fit a stashed yarn
Kerrera? A fairly major undertaking but a very nice hoodie.
Liesl? I've been meaning to do this one for ages and the yarn possibilities are pretty wide.
Amelia? Looks pretty darn good too.

And really that's just the start! Feel free to give some opinions and/or suggest others (preferably in 18st gauge since I really feel drawn to the elsa wool). I await your advice.


thornberry said...

Harvest moon or Lambs Lace - I love Lamb's Lace in particular but only if you can be bothered doing the upsizing maths. I am paralysed with indecision too, but mine is of the hooky kind. Maybe I'll need to post my dilemma as well!

spider said...

i like all pipibird's designs. have fun!

sharon said...

Liesel's on my list too ... not that that's much help to you!
I'm sure you'll have these all knocked out in no time!

ginevra / occasional glimpses said...

I like Harvest Moon (but is it kind of a rounded Paper Crane?); Summer Solstice (but depends exactly where the angles hit on the body) or Ameila (which seems a bit different to what you have already?)

Lots of these are buttoned to the breast, then hang. Is that your best shape? (It's my worst shape, but then, everybody truly is different!)

jules said...

Though neither are normally my taste, I vote for Liesl (knitalong? I want one too) or Lambs lace... I think both would be sweet on you. Kerrera was fun to knit but seemed to take forever. Harvest moon has too much collar for me.

nicole said...

Make the Harvest Moon! It'll look great on you.

trash said...

So? Waddya go for?

aracne said...

I am about to cast on 'Solstice Cardigan' found on 'Quince & Co.'. I am intrigued by its construction.

tamdoll said...

The neckline on the Grapevine is really nice, I think it would be flattering. Maybe not in wool so it can be worn alone?

kim at allconsuming said...

OK -
Harvest moon - definitely a goer

Lambs Lace Cardi - something my Auntie Coral would knit. Back away.

Grapevine - meh. I think you could find something a lot more flattering.

Summer solstice - borderline

Space girl - uuuughly.

kerrera - GORGEOUS. If I paid you would you make one for me?

Liesl - who thinks up these names!?! Again something I could see in my Aunty Coral's repertoire. Negative.

Amelia - that is not going to do anything flattering for the boobage. Not a nada.

Leonie said...

What a gorgeous list of upper wear! Some of them won't be as flattering as others though.
Top 5 would be Harvest Moon, Lamb's Lace, Grapevine, Kerrera, Liesl. Although I'd hesitate on the lace ones. I suppose it depends upon when you want to wear them.

So what did you decide? How many did you cast on?

travellersyarn said...

Go the space girl - the v neck is boob dividing/minimizing. Otherwise Harvest Moon.

I second Kim's comment about Lambs Lace though.