Monday, 20 December 2010

the run up

I think part of why I am blogging so little is because, well, at this time of year we all have the same things to say. Sooooo busy! Madness!

Presents to buy, treats to bake, children to amuse, family to see, parties to attend, frocks to wear, new toys.

Tiredness to battle, frustrations threatening to boil over, people seemingly obvious to others and doing dumb stuff and being misunderstood, frictions and negotiations.

And in between, if we're lucky, the odd moment of golden delight. Time with people you love, delight at gifts and care, some stillness amongst the chaos. The joy. Fleeting insights into our own incredible, overwhelming good fortune.

I have been giving the knitting machines a good work out and baking like a crazy person for the satisfaction that comes from handmade gifts and all I can say is that the current stupidly unseasonal winter style weather is making my handiwork very appealing. Yay for me.

I am also suddenly inspired for a round of sewing without patterns, so I think the full suite of machines may be coming with me for a beach holiday. The last lot of sewing had very mixed results and if I wasn't so tired I'd tell you all about it, but I am so I won't.

And in the background here I am also wading through the kind of major and long term upheaval that comes with a change in government. It's my policy not to talk about work here, so I won't. But it's big.

Plus thanks to a very fast acting endocrinologist I have now started treatment for the Graves. He is a lovely man, which is lucky since I've already had one scare about the medication that saw me ringing him at home on a Saturday morning. I hated to do it, but while the treatment is generally well tolerated, for about 1 in 300 people it can turn very bad very quickly and he was very clear about the need for vigilance. Anyway, I promise not to turn this blog into a medical text but since treatment takes 12 to 18 months, and even then has only a 50% chance of long term remission, either way this is going to be a part of my life for a good long while. As is the doctor, so it's lucky he's nice and that he finds craft interesting, otherwise we might run out of things to talk about.

Thank you for all your comments on the last post too - I am going to do my best to walk that fine line between being honest about what's going on in my life and what's occupying my mind, and not focusing on the minutiae of What's Wrong With Me. Because that's so very boring.

Oh and I have tonsilitis and feel like crap. I caught it from Amy who is lucky I love her so much because I don't much appreciate her gifts. I feel like I have been perpetually unwell for ever but my GP reminded me that aside from the one bout of bad tonsillitis last year I hadn't had any antibiotics since the year before - that's two whole winters without antibiotics! Woot!! And a salient lesson in not catastrophising when one feels unwell because really I am well much much more often than I am unwell. And if anyone really wants to make me feel bad they can just tell me how often I seem sick.

In three days I will finish work for the year and Wil will join Amy on holidays and I will drink in some ocean time. So good I can almost taste it!


Eleanor said...

I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and productive new year.

E x

Jodie said...

Its so easy to fall into that line of thought when you are sick, feeling like you are never well. I do it all the time.
Hope your beach time is peaceful and that the sewing gods smile down upon you!

eeloh said...

how on earth are you fitting all this creativity in with working every day?
I takes me hat off to yer....
Merry yuletide

Tania said...

How the HECK did you come up with an endocrinologist with an interest in craft? Lady, you never cease to amaze.

(wishing you all kinds of wonderful for the festive season - and a bloody fabulous holiday).

samantha said...

Hi Soz, no idea you have been unwell.. I hope 2011 will bring more knitting both by hand and machine- see you at Zagames and I also hope to join you at machine knitters this year.. Have a wonderful christmas and New Year ..