Sunday, 10 October 2010

ticking over

The wonderful visitors are gone, after a fabulous dinner out and much rejoicing - choke dee ka!

It was very sad to say goodbye and think it will be years before we see them again. Sniff.

Their departure also started a round of room reorganising, returning things to their former (dis)order, with a few changes thrown in to keep things lively. There was also a catastrophic collapse of a very big and tall storage unit - cue a cascade of shelves and children's toys, puzzles, summer clothes, art work, lego and every other imaginable thing sufficient to cover a football field. I would have taken a photo but they don't make wide angle lenses wide enough.

There were a few dark days there.

On the very much brighter side my work room now has no spare bed and is already on its way to becoming the haven of my dreams.

I accidentally bought another knitting machine and several kilos of machine yarn. It was a garage sale for the Machine knitters Association, I had very limited time and suffered from heart palpitations sorting through the colour sorted 10 tea chests worth of yarn someone had donated. A kilo of red pure wool for $5? Oh my wordy yes. I am now a gold class member of the Uber Dag Association Inc and couldn't be happier, though more storage is most definitely required.

malabrigo lace shawl

In my defence I will just say I spent a good part of Friday machine knitting with Malabrigo lace on the coolest, simplest vintage machine from the 50s (the Singer D200) and several new cogs clicked into place about the differences between machines and a general appreciation for the whole machine thing (as opposed to simply what the machine can do - kind of like understanding the difference between an HR holden and 80's commadore). I now very much want one. Very. Much.* The Empisal I bought on Saturday was really just a substitute and once I have had a play with it I may well pass it on since I know a few people who would be happy to have a fully serviced great nik machine in their hands.


And when I got home from work on Saturday there was a spinning wheel for me too, a cast off sent my way by my mother in law for the next textile adventure, though I am putting it straight into storage because woaw I have way plenty to be going on with right now.

Speaking of which today there is much to be done - some Large Scale cleaning up and hopefully the knitting of the last piece of my kimono cardi and shortly thereafter the publishing of my first machine knit pattern! So you know, happy Sunday to you all.

* There will be much rejoicing and rewarding for anyone who manages to locate one for me.


Ren said...

WOW! You are a lucky one. Hope the cleaning was done in a flash!

Jodie said...

Two knitting machines... one for each hand ?? You could sit in the middle and use it like a rowing machine. Ran into spunky Ellen today ! cannot wait for November!

Kirsty said...

Hi Sooz, just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog.
The knitting machines sound AWESOME!

t does wool said...

I have yet to try the machine...tempting...tempting...

eeloh said...

I'm sorry to inform you Soozs, that your application to join the uber dag society cannot be processed until you become a Warhammer fanatic. AND spend your time commuting thinking about which colors you're going to paint the figures.
I'm sorry, it's just the way it is. Even uber dags have evolved.

eeloh said...

PS nice piece in whipup :-)

kath / AliaK said...

congrats on getting the second machine. looking forward to hearing about your machknit pattern - you're steaming ahead!

Lara said...

Somehow this is the first time I've seen (or noticed) a picture of D! OMG Wil is the spitting image of him! xx