Wednesday, 27 October 2010

mixed dozen

  1. Finished and photographed the very late fathers day socks. They fit, they are lovely and loved. They only have two mistakes and I'm pretty sure no one else will ever notice they are there.samurai socks
  2. Lost my knitting tool box. The very cute little Japanese box with the giraffe on the front. The one containing my favourite yarn sewing needles (the sweet bamboo one and the totally most used aluminium one T sent me in a swap), my best and most compact needle gauge, my new sweet stitch saver, the very tiny and very sharp purple handled scissors my sister out law gave me, my favourite stitch markers, my smallest tape measure, one of a set of short harmony wood DPNS I use for socks and cables (and keeping my kimono cardi closed). It's only stuff, but every single thing in the box (and the box itself) was treasured for it's perfection to the task of mobile knitting and it's loss is keenly felt.
  3. Spent a lovely lunchtime with a birthday girl. A talented and inspiring friend, and a wonderful companion to have on the road of discovery when yarn meets machine. Welcome aboard lady!
  4. Have decided I simply MUST have a new handbag before I go to Canberra on Wednesday. With a four day weekend of solo parenting between now and then it can't possibly happen unless I don't sleep.
  5. Cast off another long standing knit project. From the moment I laid eyes on the one this very talented lady had made I absolutely had to have one too. I had the perfect thick yarn in the stash (Tahki Rio, an alpaca, merino, silk thick thin single) and miraculously managed to pick up the perfectly matched lace weight in a destash for song. And the finished cowl is exactly the right length to be worn either double or triple, the texture is interesting and soft and I think the colour will go with anything. But I really didn't enjoy knitting this. The Tahki sheds like your worst nightmare and every time I knit with it I got an itchy throat like I was breathing in hair. alexandria cowl
  6. The lad seems to be unable to get on quite the right side of proper wellness. Last Thursday he had a cough that had me thinking whooping cough epidemic but after a day at home on quiet mode he picked up and I thought the worst was behind us. This morning he declared himself too sick for dancing (unheard of) and that he wanted to see Frank (our chiro) RIGHT NOW to have his ears not hurting any more. Frank did his magic, Wil slept for 2 hours and now seems much better. But is he really?
  7. Last week I lost the pendant I have worn pretty much every day since I got it nearly three years ago. I keep thinking it is going to turn up, but it doesn't. I can't quite face that it might be gone. From the moment I found it, I was unable to let it go. Now it appears it may have let me go.
  8. I have taken to wearing some red beads because my neck feels unnaturally bare. This morning Wil broke the beads and spread them thinly throughout the house.
  9. Tonight I made spaghetti and meatballs using leftover gyoza filling and Lebanaese toum (garlic sauce) for the meatballs and it totally could have gone either way but it was delicious.
  10. The recently transplanted espaliered apple trees have flowered thereby signalling their intent to live. I am very very pleased about this.
  11. We have neighbours and they are pretty uniformly fantastic. A few days ago Bob saw D struggling to install a ridiculously large and awkward steel beam on his own and popped over unasked to lend a hand. Today he came back and welded the joins for extra stability. Just, you know, because he could.
  12. There's left over birthday tarts in the fridge and as the only adult in the house, they are all mine.


kim at allconsuming said...

Oh bloss, that is indeed a mixed dozen.

Do you remember the place you left the box? Surely they would have set it aside for your return?

My heart is hurting regarding the pendant. You always wore it - it was just a part of you, I don't think I've seen you without it?

Will has not had a good run ever since your return to Melbourne. It too shall pass.

Holding you close in my thoughts. NZ not far off now.

Jodie said...

I didn't even have to click...I knew the pendant you meant...
Does that make me a crazy stalker? I just closed my eyes and pictured you and there it was.

It hurts when we lose stuff, especially stuff that is so 'us'.

I'm feeling for poor Wil, unwellness sucks.

Tania said...

So I reckon you have that whole life thing pickled in one post. A veritable rollercoaster of lost and found and up and down and...maybe just don't stop knitting.

flamehair said...

I am really hoping that when you ring the shop they tell you that they found your knitting box and are holding it for you.
And it sounds like you have had such a major run of crap stuff in your life lately that surely it has to come to an end soon? Really really soon in fact.

angelasavage said...

Oh Sooz, so sorry about those recent losses, especially that gorgeous pendant. Do you think Rebecca the Wrecker could make another for you?
I know some people might ask what the universe is trying to tell you, but i just think shit happens. Hope good shit starts happening soon xxx

Leonie said...

That's a really up and down mixture. It's amazing how the loss of small things like your tool box and pendant have such a big impact on your life and how you feel. Some things are just a part of who you are. I feel for you with Will, Melbourne has had a crap run with Chest stuff this year and Will sounds like he has been caught up in it. We seem to go from one thing to the next with our 3 year old. Sending finding, healing and healthy vibes your way to enable recovery of items and health that have been lost along the way.