Thursday, 9 September 2010

thursday night

Life seems to be in an even keel at the moment.
polar morn
I'm quite stunned.
colourmart grey marle
There's a lot of hectic activity on the cards, over the horizon. Visitors, trips. Passports to get.
wollmeise sabrina
We're all heading to NZ in November, I joked to someone today that we had to or pretty much the whole of that month would pass without D and I really seeing each other. He has no less than four work trips and I have craft camp.
indigo cashmere lace
So I'm doing my best to enjoy a bit of the old even keel before we're all tossed overboard and set adrift at sea.
knitabulous silken thread 24 karat
I'm dreamily planning projects for recently acquired super luscious handspun yarn from a very generous and skilled swap partner, bargain lace and light weight yarns from destashes as well as long ago acquired and long ignored delights from the depths of my own stash. There's a lot of yarn lust going on.
indigo swap
I'm hoping tomorrow will see some more machine action in between regular garden variety domestic chores.
wollmeise super red
I think I might need something red.


Jodie said...

seas are choppy here, I think the keel is broken. may your waters continue calm !

Leonie said...

Wollmeise and Malabrigo you are indeed lucky....drooooooool :-)

PS. How are the socks going?

Jo Windmill said...

aaaah yarn, only yarn...key to contentment