Thursday, 2 September 2010

the rush

It's a solo parenting week, after a craft camp, after some deadlines, and just before a visit to the accountant to sort out two years of awfully complicated tax (that would be no less than seven different income sources for me - the pain of diversifying kicks in.....NOW). Needless to say I have been scrambling to stay on top of the basic necessities and blogging hasn't been one of them and it seems even sleep isn't entirely mandatory.

But I've been looking at the deoderant pots and figuring I really should get some addresses and offload them stat. Since my random number generator doesn't comply with instructions well (you can't trust an eight year old) I have more than 3 names, so I'm going to give you the names she gave me and the first three to email me with their AUSTRALIAN address get the goods.

So if you stuck your hand up and your name is Paisley, Suzy, Sarah, Lindy or Anna drop me a line with your address quick before the others do!


Tania said...

And is the accountant person one of those miracle worker types? You know, the kind that remembers the birth dates of your children, a birth story even (ew), asks after that cardigan you were knitting (I'd love to see the client notes my guy must take) and then, AGAINST ALL ODDS, grins and tells you he has all the info he needs and it’s all sorted and you get to leave with great confidence and a SKIP IN YOUR STEP.

Still doesn’t stop me from going through intense 'before the accountant' pain. Every. time. Good luck.

Ren said...

Oh damn I missed the deodorant thing! Oh, I will just have to beg for the recipe!

Well done, does this mean you got all your tax stuff done??

You are such a busy bee. I am impressed!