Saturday, 11 September 2010

it's alive...

A lovely, generous gift of perfect red lace weight wool and cashmere from last year. Lying dormant in the stash.
Add the Singer, card 12 on tuck and another stole is born.
The machine was not as fond of this yarn as the previous wool lace weight. No idea why since it was thin and smooth and very loosely ball wound. Perhaps a bit fragile?
It took longer and had to be restarted after the whole thing went bung at the half way mark.
There was lots of ends to be woven in for extra loops and broken yarn so if you look it over it isn't hard to find lumps and bumps and mis-fires in the pattern.

But as part of the learning curve, it's OK by me.

And speaking of learning curves, I did go back and fix up the minor irritations on the Ingenue jumper. I unpicked all 3 cast off hems (2 sleeves and the body), knitted up 2 extra repeats of the ridges stitch pattern with the smaller needle and recast off more tightly.  Much improved.

And then I re-blocked it, less severely and now it is a better fit and the neck a little smaller and basically it's pretty close to perfect. So you know, persistence pays yet again.


Leonie said...

Great red. Wonderful stole. Congrats on revisiting Ingenue and getting it to where you want it to be. Much more likely to be worn and to give you nice feelings if you are happy with it as it seems you now are. Great work.

Marina said...

That red stole is amazing! Now I want to find a knitting machine of my own.

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thank you

froginthepond said...

I've been surprised at the lace results you've been getting, 'specially since I thought that's the really tricky (expensive) thing about knitting machines. Clearly I've been misinformed!

travellersyarn said...

Wow, you really put that yarn to good use - I love the open texture. I've read that fluff on a yarn can really screw with a knitting machine (hence the need for oiled yarns) - maybe that was a factor?

Kate said...

Wow. It's amazing how much difference not having that pooling at the bottom makes to how the rest of the variagation looks to me. Much nicer.

I think I am obsessed with the lacy fabric that the machine makes. So similar and yet so different from hand knitting!