Sunday, 26 September 2010

greetings from afar

This mobile Internet thing never gets old.

Yesterday I used the iPad gps style to find bendigo woollen mills, where i bought a bunch of super cheap cone neds i hope will go the machine - at $5 a kilo D thought perhaps only getting $4 worth was being a bit frugal.

I also used it while we were driving north to sort out a shipping cost issue on a very exciting package of wool I ordered from the US to take advantage of a very healthy exchange rate (the package had originally been ordered for me as a gift over a year ago but had been aborted when the manufacturer was snowed in).

When we arrived in Swan Hill yesterday afternoon and found we had no accommodation I used it to search for addresses, phone numbers and houses to stay, as well as keeping on top of footy scores we should have been seeing on the tv.

There was emailing to our friends' family back in Thailand to let them know all was well with their trip here, checking of boat schedules for the pioneer village, regional weather forecasts (yay for sunshine!) and now that 2 small boys are dead to the world after boat cruises and cart rides and a lot of running around I can blog while the big kid and grown ups are off exploring and I am minding the home front.

If there's one thing better than holidays, its holidays with Internet.


Kate said...

Really? We were at BWM yesterday too.
We did a little side trip after buying a caravan. yay!
I hope you have a great rest of trip.

trash said...

Yay for holidays! Freedom from routine AND the innernets? Bliss.

kath / AliaK said...

have a great break. I collected the knitting machine yesterday and put it together & tried a little swatch last night. am waiting for a new spongebar as it got stuck a few times, but I'm happy with the stitches when it was working. exciting! thanks for the inspiration!