Thursday, 19 August 2010


The Mitts are done.

The Ingenue is blocking.

The man's father's day skew socks are past the toe.

The first project from my very own knit machine is finished and blocking (a football scarf for Wil) though I still feel like I am underwater and upside down and everyone is talking in a foreign language.

Several bargain packages snaffled from Rav destash pages have winged their way to me and I have a few skeins of totally fondleworthy yarn to dream about.

While the thought of knitting this does not thrill me I definitely want to own it, so I am contemplating if I could perhaps do it on the machine (pattern on Ravelry).

Planning for craft camp is in full swing and includes interstate visitors and airport runs and cooking and catching up with a truly excellent mate I haven't seen in YEARS, though at this stage I have not planned a single concrete craft project.

Planning is also underway for what promises to be a very full on two week stint hosting our adopted Thai family and their (as yet unmet by us) little boy next month.

The work, family and personal diaries have all been updated synchronised for the first time in, well, ever and I can tell you the rest of the year is a right off.


Carla Hibbard said...

That video is amazing - I want it and someone to dress me as well!
Where do we find the directions??

sooz said...

Carla, the pattern is available on Ravelry here
I'll add the link into the post.

nikkishell said...

That's some serious commuter knitting there! I'm sure you could whip one up on the knitting machine ;)

Donyale said...

I love that pattern - snapped it up the minute Olga showed the world!