Saturday, 7 August 2010

the pool

A very very small happy birthday mouse for someone growing up fast.
mini marisol
Marisol is a lovely pattern - though it would all have been much easier had I used the recommended 10ply yarn instead of this super fluffy angora 4 ply, conveniently knitted with toothpicks. But the resulting tiny creature is cuteness beyond compare. (all the details via the above link to Ravelry)

The mitts progress.
That's 1 down and 1 to go. Some cashmere sock yarn too lovely for socks from the knittery and a simple pattern (details here).

I pulled out the dye pot for a luxury yarn swap I'm in. The theme is indigo and I have to say I was super happy with this lot. It's my favourite Kiama from Yarn Workshop, a 50-50 silk merino that is a delight to knit and dyes really nicely. I am very, very happy I put enough in the pot for me too! Another ishbel perhaps?

Still woollen, but sewn this time.

Another lovely hat pattern from the hat and bag queen. Super fast and easy, I didn't bother to line or elasticise the band, I made 3! This one in a chunky boiled wool knit, scraps left over from a jacket of mine and vest of Amy's.

And an update on the troublesome Ingenue jumper (details here), and a spot of education in the problem of pooling. So when you knit with hand dyed variegated yarns you have to deal with two problems. Firstly there is an inevitable variation between skeins. The most common and effective way of dealing with this is to knit with two skeins at once, switching between them every 1 or 2 rows. In the general mix the skein by skein difference tends to get lost.
The second problem is what's generally called pooling. See how up top the different shades of grey are all broken up and speckling? By mid way through the body of the jumper there is a distinct dark and light diagonal banding, which isn't great but bearable, but by the time you get to the bottom there are big clumps of colour and it's hideous. It's very very obvious when I'm wearing it and there's nothing for it but to rip back. I should be able to fix it with a bit of yarn breaking and joining and by keeping a careful watch. But it has also been a good learning experience for me, that when knitting something big and with areas of different sizes (say sleeves versus body) you need the colour variations to be very small and as irregular as possible. Live and learn.

Now if I could just find that lovely piece of wool I had all prepared I'd be able to get on with my first attempt at artistic fabric dyeing...


Nikki said...

You really are a multi-crafting genius!! LOVE the wee mouse!!

Great beret, too. Tell you a secret.... my leather beret isn't lined, either!

Ren said...

I love the photo of you with the hat on Sooz. Your eyes are smiling!

kim at allconsuming said...

DUDE - so very cute.

And I'm loving the colour of the gloves.

And that indigo. NOICE.