Saturday, 14 August 2010

new do, new you

Very happy with a new do.
I've often bemoaned the lack of a steady when it comes to hair dressers, but I think I may have found one (I think a few other people feel the same way).

Cake for birthday girl.
Love the icing paste in a tube with skinny writing nozzle that I bought in a fit of laziness.

And the knitting machine is here,
but not yet functioning. Both the machine and myself need some assistance. Right now it just sits on my layout table and taunts me.

Oh and the Ingenue jumper is not the disaster it felt like a week ago. I have indeed got the sleeves done in a most satisfactory manner, and after ripped back the bottom 15 or so cm, broke the yarn and joined in a different skein I am terribly optimistic. While blocking will have to do its voodoo on the underarms, cast off edges and neck shaping, even in its unblocked form it seems to be pretty wearable.

And in preparation for this year's ritual father's day socks, D picked out an actual pattern last night. He had requested and I had totally intended to knit skew for him, but a new sock book does mess with my head and get me thinking all kinds of crazy things. Even knitting 8ply socks. I know! If only I could find an appropriate yarn...anyone?

edited to add:
The knitting machine is now working! It required the predicted replacement of the sponge bar (new lingo!!), which thanks to the ever attentive and prepared Christine was an absolute snap. I am so so appreciative! But there was also, as equally predicted, a hefty amount of user error. I'm up and running now, though still feeling very incompetent. Watch this space for hilarious tales of stupidity.

It should also be said that without a specialised and portable knitting machine table, use of the machine is greatly limited since it's clamped to the table in the workroom rather than in the nice warm room with the TV. But I intend to work hard at gaining at least a pretense of competence before the upcoming craft camp so I can share the super speedy knitting love. Wil is very excited, this means he will be scoring a footy scarf (which seems only fair since he's learned the whole team song. I'm shocked. Shocked and appalled.)

I will also clear up the sock yarn search issue, realising as I did that I had been remarkably unclear in the original post. The pictured sock I intended to knit for the big D is not an 8ply pattern, but a 4 or 5 ply pattern. But it is some freaky squishy cotton and elastic nylon yarn that gauges like a 4 or 5 ply but produces socks somewhat thicker. All of which made me very nervous about the appropriateness of the stashed yarns I intended to choose from and the whole fathers day is nearly here and this is about to turn into a nightmare saga ring the project was sounding out.

So. I'm returning to plan A and will cast on for skew tonight as soon as I wind off the yarn I dyed and dried yesterday. But I will continue to search for 8ply for one of several other interesting patterns in the book (perhaps some patonyle?), and perhaps one day find the actual yarn used in the pattern (anyone seen it?) and knit them as they were intended.

I am also within sight of the end of the Ingenue. The pooling has been completely dispelled and there's only another 6cm of the bottom of the band to go, the neck to sew down, a few ends to be woven in and then it will be time to block. And the commuter mitts will definitely be finished tonight on the tram as there's only a half a dozen or so rows on the thumb to go. So I will happily be returning to project monogamy (my preferred state) until the socks are done. Luckily with craft camp looming there should be plenty of the other crafty artifacts to contemplate soon.

Oh and the cake at Amy's party was a big hit. One (very polite) kid said it was "the best cake I've had in my whole eight years". And that was after he'd eaten it! Full marks for him, I can tell you. The whole eight year old birthday party thing though is not really an experience I'd be keen to repeat. The kids go absolutely mental in packs (even before they are loading up on sugar and saturated fats) and seem remarkably resistant to behavioural modification cues. I was kind of astonished. A feeling compounded by the behaviour of some parents. Next year it will be a friend or two for an afternoon matinee at the movies or something similar.


Eleanor said...

Great cut!!!

Looks like I'm going to have to fit in a haircut on my next Melbourne visit.

peskypixies said...

love the do and the cake and the socks!!!!

Sue said...

Love the new do! Amy's cake looks great with the blue writing too. I have knit some 8 ply socks and I am sure I got the beautiful yarn from They always have such great stuff!

Leonie said...

The new do looks fab and cheating on Amy's cake is no big deal when it looks that good!
As to the Samurai socks..I've finished the first and have started the second. I'm using a 5 ply for them. Love the book have already made the Chouwa socks and am tempted to make Kaiso or Tatami next. You can now get Patonyle in 8 ply. Not sure of the colour range, but your LYS should have some or Clegs in the city, if not come to mine!

Kate said...

Nice do! Lorna's laces shepherd sport is about 8 ply - I have made a pair with it before. Good for fella's socks.

Jodie said...

Awesome do, you.

Di said...

I love the new hairstyle - it really suits you. The same girl has been cutting my hair for about 8 years - apart from a 5 month gap when she left one salon and nobody told me where she'd gone - met her in a shop one lunch time and from then on my hair has been happy!!!

Di said...

I love the new hairstyle - it really suits you. The same girl has been cutting my hair for about 8 years - apart from a 5 month gap when she left one salon and nobody told me where she'd gone - met her in a shop one lunch time and from then on my hair has been happy!!!

Corrie said...

love the new do! Love my hair short but still trying to convince my husband who does not!


Di said...

All good stuff (aside from the rabid 8yos and their old folks).
At risk of sending you on a wild goose chase, I suggest searching for similar yarns at Simply Socks- I'm sure I remember seeing some elasticated sock yarn there before.

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Love the hair!! I still only get mine cut down south. Need to suck it up and find someone here xox

Mary said...

nice knitting machine! I have been dreaming about one of these lately--looks like fun to me!

kath / AliaK said...

would you mind sharing what model the knitting machine is? it looks great. I love what you've made with it in the other posts

ps your hair looks nice too

sooz said...

The machine is a Singer 321 Kath.