Friday, 16 July 2010

the week that was

Well hello, that week went by fast. All this working business makes the days fly.

Mostly I was doing this. Bless extra work commutes.

Loving the Ingenue, loving the posmerino aran weight, loving the dye job.

Last weekend I also did this.

A quick pair of work pants from a super light weight suiting wool with a touch of elastine. Not the most earth shattering of jobs - the fit just isn't quite there, but I suspect it is really that the fabric is a bit light for my trouser preferences.

I also started, but sadly haven't finished an interesting skirt from a remnant of green Armani linen. I have every intention of getting it finished this afternoon after work. Really I do.


Sue said...

Your knitting looks gorgeous. I love the color too. You always knit such beautiful things to inspire me!

eeloh said...

What gorgeous wool. You are inspiring me to start thinking about taking up knitting. Looks like I might soon start a job with a commute so I need to step on it.
And... I know I said this in an email but wante dot sya it publicly, thanks so much for organising the craft swap.