Tuesday, 27 July 2010

we interupt this program

So I can get extremely frustrated while my lap top dies.

Two and a half years old, no verifiable reason, just up and died. The data can all be retrieved, thank god, but as my neighbour said, for a high end product that's a pretty offensive lifespan.

And I love my mac dearly (I started out a mac girl, went over the the more affordable PC world for a decade or so but the return was like coming home. LOVE it.), but Apple really sticks it to you on the no competition front and repairs are so ridiculously expensive that it is cheaper to replace the lap top in total than repair a single component.

Completely shitful.

Hopefully things will get back to normal soon.

edited to add:
When I wrote this post I fast forwarded through the first bit of the story since I thought it wasn't relevant - namely that when the computer died I did a whole stack of searching on the net to see if I could find out what was wrong. After quite a bit of forum trawling I found multiple references to a known fault with the model of mac I have purchased at the time I got mine. I was elated to think the inconvenience of the repair would be nothing against the potential cost I would save. Whew. When I took it in they opened it up and told me my fault was not related to the one I'd read about so I didn't qualify for the free fix. I must say I thought this was a bit suss since I was exhibiting exactly the symptoms I had read about, but I did my best to move on (as you do when you have no choice). So this afternoon, a couple of hours after I paid the deposit on my new replacement machine they tell me that after a second look they have discovered why yes, it is the known fault, and they have ordered the parts and will repair it and have cancelled the new machine and I can pick it up later this week. So I am very very relieved, but also, like, wow, how could they have got the initial diagnosis wrong and how close did I come to spending $2,500 for no good reason at all?

But wait! There's more!
Now it seems the hard drive doesn't work, and even though it was perfectly fine before this little implosion, no one thinks it's related (well none of the people I spoke to over 3 hours and a half a dozen phone calls to various members of the apple mafia anyway), so there goes more bucks. Marvelous!


Anonymous said...

If you bought the AppleCare policy when you purchased the computer, it should cover the costs of repair for up to 3 years. The warranty, unfortunately, runs out at one year.

My current iMac is a trooper and has crashed exactly one time in it's heavily used two year live. My previous iMac had a bad logic board and eventually a bad fan--all covered by the AppleCare policy. It's an annoyance to pay the extra bucks on top of the initial cost of the computer, but worth it in the long run. You might see if it's too late to purchase an AppleCare policy for your laptop. I don't know when they stop offering the policy.

I have a professor friend who has used his PowerBook intensely for over 6 years without problems, and another friend whose hard disk went up in smoke in the first year. Hope you and your computer survive. Hallie

sooz said...

Hallie, applecare (essentially an extended warranty) has to be bought before your initial 1 year warranty expires - and obviously before your computer blows up! Since mine is over 2 years old now I couldn't get applecare. And anyway, now that the diagnosis is correct, there is no cost to me for this repair since it is faulty manufacture that's to blame.

But applecare costs about 20-25% on top of the cost of your machine - that's a very hefty sum to add on to such a big purchase. In every other way this machine has been perfect and perfectly reliable and this experience is not necessarily convincing me to pay that extra. If I added up all the money I would have spent had I bought the extra waaranty on every machine I've had so far, I could buy 2 new top of the range macbook pro machines - and I would never have needed to claim on any of them.

eeloh said...

I'm glad it wasn't like, your liver, or they mixed up your left leg with your right...

Di said...

S is so anti mac (aside from his beloved iphone) that I won't mention this happening to him. He doesn't need more ammunition. It totally sucks that replacement (and disposal) is generally cheaper than repair. Grrrr.... Glad that they figured out it WAS a simple fault after all!!

sooz said...

Eeloh, you bet! A little perspective is a good thing!
Di - I find the pc-mac divide totally hilarious, having spent a good amount of time and money both ways they each have their merits. And as it turns out the fault is neither simple nor small - the repair is just as major and costly, it's just that I don't have to pay for it! It is a faulty video processor which blows the logic board. Ironically a component part not made by Mac at all, and the manufacturer initially denied that macs were affected by the problem-it was isolated to pcs! The initial misdiagnosis of my machine was that the logic board failed for some other reason not related to the video processor. Given my machine was made during the period of the flawed video processors I was a suss, as it turns out, rightly so!

trash said...

So does this mean you have $2500 on saved money to spend now? Yay!

Anonymous said...

Sooz, my apologies, I didn't realize the expense of an AppleCare plan for a laptop. I was surprised to learn that it's $349(U.S.) for a laptop versus only $169 for a desktop. That's quite a bite indeed. Glad to hear your machine will be repaired without additional cost. Hallie

sooz said...

Even worse Hallie - in australia it is well over $500! That's a lot more than currency conversion! That's a lot of extra $!

Mel said...

Hmm yes I am a confirmed Apple lover but two weeks ago our SIX MONTH OLD mac book pro died - just would not start other than a blank grey screen. Luckily we did have Apple care (but you're right, it's bloody expensive) and after about five phone calls they essentially diagnosed a dead hard drive - SIX MONTHS OLD!! Anyway it was a simple switcheroo to a new hard drive but still, pretty crap!

Good luck getting yours all sorted!