Saturday, 31 July 2010

i'm back

Still feeling the reverberations of technological disruption. It's like those little glitches in the Matrix - somehow they are way more disturbing to the mind than the actual loss of connection seems to warrant.

Quite possibly because it has come on the heels of a period of extended disruptions in other ways, but I just keep feeling like we haven't quite returned to our dynamic equilibrium. More work, colds and sickness, no sewing time, dead computers, an overhaul of the home TV and media systems...when will it feel normal again?

It's a stupid question, like it's ever normal.

The Ingenue was powering along, I reached the bottom of the body 10 days from cast on, an all time record. Then the bottom band was too tight and had to be ripped back and cast on a needle size up (looking at Ravelry forum posts this is a common issue and I suspect is both a substitute yarn issue and a tight purling issue). Then the sleeve was started, realised I misread the pattern and ripped it back too. Started the sleeve again, tried it on and looked in the mirror and realised there is awful colour pooling around the bottom of the body. The whole thing is rapidly approaching the too hard basket. It's also too big for commute knitting so I'm doing some mindless mitts to keep me going.

Although I still am not in possession of the sparkly new knitting machine, I did get a chance to test a Singer 321 out at the home of the lovely Christine. She and Amanda very kindly walked my dumb virginal ignorant machine knitting arse through the first tentative steps. Totally thrilling. Totally. I think perhaps a big part of the excitement was that using the machine focused me on the making of fabric, compared with hand knitting where the garment is my focus. I don't yet have the words to explain this, but it was a much bigger shift for me than simply making stitches faster. There will be more posts about this, possibly in excruciating detail to come.

I can also highly recommend the watching of Inception. Fabulous visually, wonderfully escapist and absorbing, mind bendingly complex and rapid fire, full of interesting concepts. A great night out.


t does wool said...

I wish I could say I have been as busy as you...
it has been hot and humid...lazy summer days here...looks great-everything,Suze

Tania said...

Will be awaiting excruciating machine knitting detail with veritable bated breath (I kid you not). Plan to tootle off to Inception with the Mr on the only childcare day of the week. Fabulous to hear it may well yet be worth the fee for the childcare, plus ticket price, plus obligatory choc tops...