Thursday, 17 June 2010

what i wore today june 17

I taught a very good group at sew inn today, and it was lovely to pull on my outfit and realise not only was it all homemade, it was all Tessuti fabric too! I felt good all day - both comfortable and stylish. Very satisfying.

And now I am off to slip into these -

New silk satin PJ pants made from some really lovely remnants I picked up on my birthday at the Clegs annual remnant sale. Even at the super bargain remnant price these are still definitely a luxury item - and to get them out of the not really big enough piece I had to cut creatively and make a very wide doubled over sideways cuff on the bottom, but they are very nice. I decided some new PJs were in order when I altered/mended for the second time the really crappy ones I bought to wear to hospital when I was pregnant with Amy. I figure at 42 I deserve something better than target gym jersey pj pants 2 sizes too big. I had plans to make a lovely coordinating top (another too small remnant I was puzzling how to make fit) but whilst standing in the queue at ghastly chain store central buying children's gifts for weekend birthday parties I spied a plus size slubby cotton long sleeve T-shirt reduced to $5 and I am ashamed to say I saw an out and took it. So after the jeans in March that racks up as my second clothing purchase so far this year for anyone in my household - all up still under $50.


Vic said...

I looooooooove what you wore today! Did you make your skirt & short sleeve wrap thingy...?

Did you make the wrap (what is it called, exactly?!) from a pattern?! I want one!

upfordebate said...

Suze can I just say in a totally platonic way how spunky you're looking. I don't get to see you at work at all (how busy is it?) but you look great on your blog!

Tania said...

I'm containing myself from letting loose the barely legible tirade of gush. HOW COOL ARE THE DETAILS ON THAT SKIRT?!?!?!? HOT DAMN. (whatever that last bit means, but you get my drift).

And belatedly queenly birthday greetings and salutations from this neck of the woods.

frog said...

That outfit is superb. I'm puzzling over a crinkly deep green knit I bought at Tessuti a week or two ago - it luscious and I want to make the most of it. Seeing how you handle different fabrics is really inspiring.

eeloh said...

Damn, I forgot to check out your skirt when I did collide with you at that flinders lanes funky fabric emporium.
Strange... I tossed out my pregnancy pyjamas too after about three years (cut em up for rags). But fraid I didn't replace em with a glam homemade number - just a nice flannelette on a stocktake sale.
Frog, do NOT use that crinkly green knit for PJs, ok?

ginevra / occasional glimpses said...

LOVE the skirt!!! and the jacket. and the whole look.

bet your students were heaps impressed;-)