Friday, 11 June 2010

stuff going down

Presents! Yay!

From lovely people to celebrate getting older, greyer and hopefully wiser. Thank you friends!

Dyeing and swatching for Amy's cardi.

She's rejected the mini manu in favour of tiny tea leaves based on how fabulous mine is. Who could blame her? And delightfully it appears the Age of Pink may at last be over. Blue and green and random stripes is the order of the day so I mixed my meagre selection of blue and green dyes to make some coordinating 4 ply from the stash to be knitted two strands held together.

Speaking of tea leaves, here it is all blocking out. Quite anally, ahem. It looks fabulous but when I put it on to take pics the camera battery died, so you'll get to see it in a while. I'll do a separate post with details about mods and so on.

Here's Amy modelling her new boiled wool jersey vest (and an unstaged fully home made outfit all the way down to her socks - how cool is that?!). I had a big enough scrap left over from a jacket I made myself to cut out a rhombus, make some armholes, run some stitches over the cut edges (because 7 year old girls tend to be a bit rough with their garments) and add a couple of press studs. I used my wrap at a starting point, but the shape was very much driven by getting as much as I could out of the fabric I had. I was only after I'd made it I realised how closely it resembled a knitting pattern I currently have queued by a very talented lady. It was an interesting process to arrive at the same basic shape, and then see how utterly different knitted and sewn fabric can be (and made me all the more enthused about it knitting it!).

And another quicky project also for Amy (Wil actually got one too but instantly decided he didn't care to wear it). She did a spot of helping out at up at Ink and Spindle the other day and was rewarded with her very own piece of fabric in her favourite print and colourway. She sifted through the button stash and found this cute owl and the scrap box and found some bits of red silk and voila.

And somewhere I saw this idea about a shaved asparagus pizza, can't recall where, so I made some. I added a pan full of finely sliced and softened leeks, some generous dollops of garlic dip, capers and olives and it was very very nice indeed.


Jodie said...

Hey you ! Happy birthday . Hope it was a great day.
Love Amy's whole outfit - she has more style than I have ever managed...

peskypixies said...

Happy birthday!!!!!
Cant wait to see you in your Tea Leaves.

Leonie said...

Hope you had a great Birthday. The Michael Miller fabric is ace, I have enough for three quilts for my boys if only I could work out how I want it to go together.
Amy is looking gorgeous in her outfits, really relaxed. Great job Mum!

Eleanor said...

Happy birthday!!!

zofia said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Amy looks fabulous.
I really love the wrap,(must make a version too), and the whole outfit. Perfect.
pizza sounds good...I have all that in the fridge...

jen said...

Deb on Smitten Kitchen made shaved asparagus pizza last week ( - perhaps that's where you saw it? It looks amazing. Love the gorgeous sweater.