Tuesday, 15 June 2010

just like a queen

Queen's birthday long weekend often coincides with my birthday and the extra day almost makes up for the crappy weather one has on a midwinter birthday. Thank you for all the lovely well wishes on the blog, facebook, twitter and RL. I'm definitely feeling the love.
I am happy to report it was a truly excellent few days - great meals out, lots of fun, a delicious breakfast in bed, a sleep in, presents from near and far. I even slipped in a wee refashioning project that converted a long merino tunic I made a few years back and never really wore much into a pleated hem top I absolutely love. (I added this photo below - it's not great I'm standing all awkward and pregnant like so you'll just have to take my word that it looks better than this in real life!)

And in between all the other stuff I got a lot of knitting done. So much I'd say I am about half way through Amy's Tiny Tea Leaves - in 5 days! I'm pretty darn excited I can tell you. Might be time to get some dyeing done in preparation for my next adult garment!

As I set our for work this morning it was still mostly dark, and it was the same when I got home. But as I was walking to the tram in another fully homemade outfit I was thinking I actually quite like my clothes at the moment, it's a shame I'm not documenting them more. It's almost like now that I'm feeling like I have made some progress in dressing myself less like an overweight slob I've lost the impetus to out myself and force my own hand. I'll try to do better though I suspect that until the days get longer I won't be doing too well.

It's a busy week this week. I had to try and shoehorn 2 days of work into one (hence the setting off in the dark this morning) and as has been the consistent theme in recent times, there's been some challenges in that. I'm keeping things together but it's not fun. I do wish I was in a position to blog about it more - there's much to be learned from reflecting on and analysing our work - but it's not wise so I will exercise some uncharacteristic restraint.

I also have 2 days of teaching this week, and D is off for a few weeks of teaching up north on the weekend. Wil has also come down with a nasty chesty cough so I'm hoping against hope that (a) he gets better fast (b) Amy doesn't follow suit (c) I don't follow suit and (d) if a, b and/or c don't happen it doesn't peak just as D's plane takes off. Totally par for the course but would shit me to tears none the less.

So you know, I'm off to sit on the couch, knit and mentally rest up.

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Maureen said...

The merino top looks great. I have thrown away so many too-long tops. Time for me to give this a try. Thanks for another great idea.