Saturday, 26 June 2010

it's late and I should be sleeping

I'm just stopping by to say thank you for your lovely comments on my last post. It does make me feel particularly blushingly proud to be complimented on my thinking and writing (there's a big part of me that feels this is my true calling). The feeling that I have nailed something in words for people, especially something important, is a good one. The best. And it feels wonderful to be tuned into what is going on and to be looking forward to what happens next.

Right now I am off to bed - later than I wish I was. I have just finished the first week of D's absence on the current trip up North and as usual I am very tired, more than a little over the children (who have both been sick and on anti biotics, sleeping badly, housebound, missing their dad and generally being shitty - kaching!), feeling indebted to my neighbours on all sides and completely scattered. Plus I am pretty sure there's a cold lurking in my chest but I'm playing chicken with it right now and I remain hopeful.

But really, if you took the sleep deprivation out of the equation, I'm actually doing OK this time around. We've only eaten take away once, I took lifeline off the speed dial and I haven't even cried. Maybe I'm learning a thing or two after all this time.

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LissyLouLou said...

I often have a few quiet tears on Thursday evening on the weeks my husband is away.... a combination of kids' antics, sleep deprivation, a messy house and missing the other adult in my life. I'm an otherwise normal adult with good coping abilities but jesus, sometimes it all just wears you down. I'm an advocate for the restorative powers of a few quiet tears.