Saturday, 5 June 2010

can't talk, busy adding new things to the to do list

It's gotten completely out of hand. Seriously. I'm taking the unusual step of making this work in progress public (it's over there in the side bar...).

I accidentally got lost in Ravelry a few days ago and woaw, if my hands could take it I'd do nothing but knit. Is it just me or is there an absolute explosion of great patterns popping up right now? I'm almost finished my tea leaves cardigan and I am absolutely in love with it. It used way less yarn than I thought it would - so now there's enough left over for me to make the mini manu for Amy. Since I almost knit the adult version for myself this will be a good chance to try the pattern out.

And then I went to help some friends with a spot of product testing and now I have some fabric that's really messing with my mind because I just can't figure out what it should become. I find it very puzzling, it almost wants to be quite a lot of things and yet it isn't quite any of them.

There's a whole stack of lovely fabrics in my I really want to use this right now box, and a fast approaching increase in work days means more work clothes plus less potential sewing time and energy. So the to do list has quite a selection of those too.

And I really really want to get my dress form properly fitted. My success with wraps last weekend has me thinking a bit more creatively about garment construction and layering pieces but it would be so much easier to do it on a form. And I was inspired by the method on Gertie's blog but I'm not sure I can devote a whole exhausting day to it.

I'm totally full of ideas and yet I'm not really getting much done. The workroom is still a pigsty and I can't get the momentum to do work until I can at least find the table to work on, and I am not getting closer to that either.

Instead I baked another batch of these, which really are just magnificent, especially when brushed with the pomegranate honey I started steeping the week before last. And this batch had a few variations since I didn't even bother checking stores until I started mixing and then discovered I had almost no plain white flour (so I used about two thirds wholemeal) and no brown sugar (so I used demera). So the texture is quite different to the last but no less achingly moreish.

I also got out of the house so D and I could go see Animal Kingdom, which I found powerful and compelling and very finely crafted (although it most certainly did not pass the Bechdel test. Patriarchy rides again I guess.) It brought The Boys to mind in many ways, not least for the role and nature of the matriarch. There are some scary worlds out there.


peskypixies said...

i am impressed by your list
So glad you are happy with your Tea Leaves.I am LOVING mine.Did you see the pics??

Linda said...

Just gotta de-lurk for this one.

Your Excel 'To Do List' would have to be an accountant's wet-dream.
Seriously, I share an office with someone who's response to everything is "I'll put it into Excel", however, you are now my new "Queen of Excel".

Fantastic idea - I am off to make my own list.

Tanya said...

oh geez, impressive to do list. I hope you sit back and admire it often. I think I need to get some of my 'list' onto paper like that. Then I can stop thinking and start doing.

Frogdancer said...

What did you think of James Frecheville in Animal Kingdom? He was the young guy who joined the group. He's one of our students... graduated from our school last year with my son.

angelina said...

i agree, ravelry is a nice windy road to get lost in. my heart list there has exploded, love it!